My Big Butt

I have had a big butt since I was about 12 years old. It seems like it just of got bigger than the rest of my body all of a sudden. I am not fat but I have a small waist and a big bottom and thighs. I take after my mother who also has this body type. My sister who is 2 years older than I am is more slender like our father. She used to tease me all the time. When ever we would see a really fat woman with a hugh butt walking down the street she would say "That is what you are going to look like Karen." I have become paranoid and think that people are staring at my butt when I walk away because of it.
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I love big butts

Men like big butts. And we like to look at what we like.

Be happy that you have a big butt a lot of men love that as you can see haha my gf hates her smal butt and I wish it was bigger haha but be happy for what you have :)

Embrace it. I have a big bubble butt too and many women wish they could have one. It's very attractive and yes, you do get more attention, but it's up to you how to handle the attention

I just adore big butts, bigger, better :-) please add me if possible

I really really like women who are in shape but have big butts! I am serious - I married one!

I would appreciate you big butt as I am a big but addict.

I love a women with a nice butt. I would probably stare at your butt too.

Own it girl . Once you own them, people will envy your bootie.

it is not kind from your sister

We are looking. Most men are attracted naturally to women with big hips due to reproductive qualities so feel fortunate.

How big is it?

my wife have strong bum i like

Be proud of ya big *** , took a long time to make that big thang - John Witherspoon -

From the looks of your responses, you have no problem.

Curves are the best. i love a girl with a big butt. so sexy, you should consider posting some pictures.

You have to own it big butts are beautiful

Tell your jealous sister to shut it - curves are beautiful and guys love them. At least those of us with any sense. :-)

Hey just keep your waist slender by regular exercise and you will remain sexy forever.. Cheers!!

If your *** walked past me I'd look at it because it makes my loins ache, its not fat your jealous sister wishes she had all that meat!

she is just jealous of you! Most women would love the nice curved butt with nice go nuts over it..................Be proud genetics blessed you! Make good use of it and tease everyone...................hugs

Oh thanks. You are nice. :)

Skinny girls r no fun to look at. Give me a woman with a big round butt and nice wide hips. :)

I love a woman with a big booty

My wife built same way. I love it. Please add me

hmmm i like bums... *** is my favorate erotic fanatcy...

maybe because mom spank it too much

Karen, it's just a matter of tastes. Someone likes a big butt, someone doesn't. I do love big round butts, but to me a woman isn't only that. Try and focus on your whole person instead... the world will follow. And think that if someone stares at your butt maybe it's just because he thinks it's... lovely. I would! :D

big butt + poweful thigh= my attention i just cant find anything sexier or more attractive on a womans body i wouldnt date a girl without the features u described i love them

I agree with you suddenstorm. Large butt and thighs are asssets which make women very attractive for me.

Yes! That's such a turn on!

you probably don't have enough butt for me. all these chicks want to look like a 12 year old boy

Thank you for you kind comment Michelle. It makes me feel better about myself. Good luck to you too.

Thank you for you kind comment Michelle. It makes me feel better about myself. Good luck to you too.

Thank you for you kind comment Michelle. It makes me feel better about myself. Good luck to you too.

Thank you for you kind comment Michelle. It makes me feel better about myself. Good luck to you too.

Women with big butts are very sexy. more cushion for the pushing as they say... I am very sure that you don’t have a shortage of admirers

I hope all these comments have helped you realise that there are plenty of us out there that adore a big butt as much as some guys adore big boobs. The best thing about a big butt compared to big boobs is that we can admire the seductive jiggle more discretely. X

I bet you look wonderful!

It's not fat. Just big.

Butt should combine well with thick thighs to make it double exciting .

i love a big ***, is it round too? :) dont be paranoid about it, if you got it flaunt it ;)

I love woman with huge butt and small waist!I would like see your figure!

I have the same :(...evil older sister, eh?

I want to see it!

Be grateful for your big butt! Some women have to buy them!

Nothing at all wrong with having a big butt.

I used to hang out with a woman friend of mine a while ago. Her big butt meanwhile happened to be an irresistible turn-on for me. I suddenly found myself lusting over her, yet I had a hangup, since she was *beautiful*. So I decided to cut it short and told her that she had the most beautiful butt I ever saw. Would you believe what was her reply: "It's the most beautiful compliment you could have given me in this moment. You'll have to remind me of this once in a while. Since my adolescence I had a big-butt-complex" she said.<br />

What's the most beautifull, perhaps, is the muscularity that is involved with it. Strenght = beauty, also ! ;-)

Oh thanks. :)

You're such a pretty girl Karen. I bet you have a gorgeous bottom

I like a full bottom on a woman, its sexy

I would like to see a pic with your butt right here. If it is big I would kiss it all night

Will you please sit on my face?????

Wow, I was going to write some encouragement but it seems that I've been beaten to it. Nothing wrong at all with a big butt. If you flaunt it, I guarantee the guys will notice.

I love a woman with a small waist and a big juicy Butt!! It's a huge Turn On..

u r simply gorgeous

I also turn my head to look women big butt, I`ts true that some women paid for that Good and genetic give to you as a gift

People ARE staring at your big butt cuz they wish they had one at home...but don't.

Sorry you don't feel good about your butt. I love women with voluptuous bottoms. So, if I am the one staring at you as you walk away, I am doing it out of lust.

I am not fat but I have a small waist and a big bottom and thighs.<br />
honey this a most common look loved for latins, just travel to Brasil Colombia and you`ll see the fascination for your body if u are a blond girl better

Thank you musicluv and Livingmydreams for the kind comments. They have made me feel so much better about myself. You are very kind :)

Dont be sad. In fact men haave a fascination for big butts. When I find a girl with a big bottom, I slow down and walk behind her, so that i could watch her buttocks slinging. In the night I would even fantasizing holding and kissing those beautiful butts. Kiss my *** is an old saying. If a woman like you says "kick my ***" there would be a long queue to do that. <br />

I love a big butt

karen having big butt is and asset i would love to see it

I agree Karen. A bigger sized butt is so sexy and attractive. You might be suprised. ;)

Many men love big rear on a girl. Maybe more than you think. Big bums are so beautiful.