I Have A Ample Bottom...

I love the feeling of my big fleshy rear as I walk around town. I love how my backpack glides as it rests and glides over the big soft pads of flesh where my butt turns into my lower back. I wish I had a bigger butt, because when I sit down (as I am doing now) I can feel my bones close to the seat of the chair. I do not know how I am going to grow my big butt bigger. I often wonder if my butt is too small because of me sitting down all the time. If my body wants to store fat and I am sitting down, I think the increased pressure in my butt's blood vessels will impede fat cell growth, and I do not know if my butt will get any bigger, and it is pretty big now, but not as big as want it to be, I am saying that when I see a big girl and I notice how her butt spreads out into the adjoining seats and stretches out her stretchy pants, I see that my butt is not anywhere near oppulent enough. I wonder if I drink more soy products, and or spend more time laying on my side eating pizza if my butt will get bigger. I think I am on the right track, but I am doubtful if my butt will really ever get any bigger, even though it jiggles and it is now changing how I waddle.

Wish me luck.
BagelLover BagelLover
8 Responses Jan 9, 2011

sounds like a spankable butt


Sounds like a perfect beautiful butt to me!!


I luv big butts!!! Bigger the better. Please add me

Keep gaining weight and don't sit too much on it! That might cause it to grow.

Your butt's expansion has nothing to do with sitting, etc.. Some people are predisposed to gain in areas more than others. I can't tell you how to grow only your butt, but I can tell you that if you keep growing in general, that your butt will too.

use maca root you can get it at any bulk barn or food store i gave it to my gf and her butt exploded works well mixed with fenugreek and saw palmetto take those 2 things and watch your booty expand, the more frequently you take it the more it works

Thank you so much for sharing that wonderfull little story. I too love big butts and would love one of my own. his is even less likely to hapen to me, coz I'm too male.