Big Butts and I Cant Deny

I dont have a donk like the picture mine is like my picture sometimes I want it to get flat and then sometimes I like have a big donk I get a lot of attention

Schilazy40 Schilazy40
36-40, F
6 Responses Mar 28, 2009

thanks for the nice comment now my kids are saying they can bounce a quater off my butt my daughter told me she wishes she had a butt like mine

Nice. Did you take it as a compliment?

I love a big butt ,so sexy .<br />
You dont want to go flat.<br />
Some men like women with a flat *** ,makes them look like a 17 y o boy and that is strange to me .Real women have a booty

lol i love my big butt

Imagine my discomfort when I gained 20lbs in one month. I could feel eyes on my rear as I walked away. I wanted to pull them off and say "uh, sir do these belong to you?".

Lol that is what usually happens

whistling as you walk away :)