Some Thing Close to My Heart .........

The blood rushes through my vains heart is beating fit to burst ..... I  struggle for life's very breath ...... the need to see with my own eyes .... feelings  to long held in abeyance wash over me as the heightened sense  of purpose torments my very being ..... Will  I ascend the heavenly stair way to accomplishment ..........  Can I be the conqueror for once , I  hesitate at the door ,has this burden been a task set to high for me to reach .........  I push open the door .....

My heart sinks my shoulders bow my once free spirit is tethered .......  Does any one else have problems trying to get their teenage son to tidy his room   :O )

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i am still working on it. I want to get a mile down to 8 mins at least. I am at 9:40 right now. In august I am going to talk to them again and see how much more i need to do.

Yeah pretty good coming over stateside next week for a couple of weeks Boston , Newhampshire , cape cod , hows the military thing going ....

Well you know how it is lots of complications, but I have made improvements where it counts so that is good. How about yourself?

Ha ha ........ how are you doing anyway young man

Test scores say I am a genius lol

You would say that ..............

messiness is a sign of genius salar.

Hay smugit how you doing ......

rolling eyes as we speak!

Thank you G , I shall now adopt the black bag policy .......

I have four children--three of them have grown children of their two boys and two girls--when they were teenagers all had rooms that were--well--teenagers rooms lol...The GIRLS were much worse than the boys. I would occasionally Black Bag their go in and put everything on the floor in a big black garbage bag---put the bag in the garage. They have fits when you do this---however, after they calm down--they do keep a bit of order for awhile---:). To this day, they insist that "Black Bagging" a teen's room is unfair and bad parenting. I still think it's a good way to gain some order in a really BAD messy room....they go get their bag of stuff--and sort through it--usually finding things they thought were lost...But--they never forgive you LOL as if you care.

Oh THIS is the funniest post I have read in ages ! I sooooooooooo know what you mean.

laurence its a battle of wit,s <br />
<br />
Mewold good to see your back .... thanks for the comment

I pretend that he is a giant cat and his room is his litter box. But it doesn't help any. Seriously, when the room becomes stinky, I go to war.

Your right of the drama issue ...thanks for your comment

By the way...your story is divine.

This is a tricky one, Salar. There are parent's who choose the "just shut the door and pick a more important battle" route. But on the flip side, it's your house and they should have respect for that, as well as the things you most likely paid for. I tend to fall into the second camp.<br />
<br />
One of our boys was not only ignoring our requests, but being surly about it too (can you imagine?!) He said some thing really rude and slammed the door on me. We took the door right off the hinges and he was doorless, until he saw the error of his ways. Those teenagers think they have the corner on the drama department!

Ooops sorry Iv .... no wasnt allowed with two big brothers and a bid sister , dad work constant nightshift so I had to answer to mother and siblings !!!!

mmmm ...... mmmm.... its pretty ti..... well their is possibly a few things I could put away Iv , but nothing like their rooms !!! :o)

Thank you bb .....

wow. aren't you poetic? <br />
lol....very impressive!

Funny to read salar but probably not so funny to see.

Dam BB thast another 2/3 for one and 6/7 for the other ..

If you figure a way to get them to clean their room... let me know will ya?

Thank you fg ..... nothing changed ..... cant see the carpet for disgarded clothing ...


He He one of lifes trials ......