He is someone I dated a couple years ago that I have never stopped thinking about. I believe our "break up"- I'm not sure it can be called a break up because it lasted a couple weeks- was mutual at the time. I may have pushed him away a little bit... We had different ideas of what sex meant in a relationship. I was a lot more conservative than he was at the time.

It had been 2 years since I saw him until 3 days ago when I spotted him at my gym. Wow the butterflies came back instantly. I avoided him and pushed back those butterflies so I could focus on my workout. The butterflies were persistent so I called it quits and walked out the gym. He followed. I went straight to my car and drove off as he causally strolled to his car while glancing back at me. I told a friend of mine about the almost-encounter and she immediately stalked him on facebook informing me that he is currently engaged.

Good for him. I'm glad he found happiness with someone. He deserves it.

Now, if only I can meet someone for myself that drives me wild even more than he ever did...
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I had a guy like that..my kryptonite.. He cheated on me with some old cracked headed haggity hag and now he's in prison pwahaha. Oh welp

Always stay positive and you'll realize someone's just around the corner waiting for you too.

Awwwww thank you!!