I have this HUGGGEEEE crush on this guy named derik.. My sister goes to college with him my sister is 24 and he's 19.. I'm only 14 and I feel like I'm too young for him.. He's sooo nerdy... And a lot of people call him ugly but I find him extremely cute and adorable... Just everything about him!.. And everytime I see him my heart literally just..,; melts, I've never felt this way with anyone else.. His smile is just amazing.. And everything about him is amazing! Ugh! Thing is I bet he doesn't even like me. I'm just a kid to him..
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1 Response Aug 31, 2014

That doesn't mean you can't still be close friends. When you're a bit older, then think about something a bit more serious with him. This way you'll know for sure if this is true love, or an infatuation.