Should I Move?

4 years ago my family moved 75 miles away for my husband's job.  We moved from a city we had lived in for 20 years.  It was home  in every sense of the word.  A year after moving my husband lost his job and now works back in the community we moved away from.  We did not move back immediately because my son wanted to finish high school in our new community.  Well, my son graduates in 2 months... so we have a decision to make

In the meantime, I have have found a job I am doing very well at and really like.  But, our former community still feels like home and we see our friends from there regularly.  We haven't found many new friends in our new community.  We bought our house at the market high and would have to sell it at a loss and have some other financial issues that will make moving difficult.

So, the question is how do we make this decision?  Should we:

  1. Stick it out for a couple more years with my husband commuting over an hour each way for work hoping that there is a sign telling us what the best decision is?

  2. Have my husband look for a new job in our new community because we have this house that will be difficult to sell.  He loves his job and makes about 25% more than I do now.  New job might be difficult to find.  Suck it up and make this new community home.

  3. Do everything in our power - including a short sale of our house - to move back to the community we still think of as home.   I would leave my job and find something new.

How do we make this decision????

anneelb anneelb
46-50, F
Mar 15, 2010