I Have A Big Family

I could've never been born though, because after 3 children my dad was told he had some type of cancer I don't know what type it was, but he pulled through and had 12 more children but sadly he died 3 years later, I miss him but he's my hero and guardian angel I have 9 brothers ( 1 younger brother 8 older) and 5 sisters ( 3 older 2 younger) most of them have their own house but there is 4 boys 3 girls at the house and my mum, I am the 4th youngest (11) our ages are between 7 and 33 at the minute, I'm proud of my large family and I don't care if people see me crying ( because I start to think about my dad a bit) or if my friends have a dad and I don't, my dad is my hero and beside me everywhere I go and that's all I want
LittleSmartKid11 LittleSmartKid11
13-15, F
May 4, 2012