I've written before about having so many female cousins and that is true. Other than me, the first boys were brothers and they were about three and five years younger than me. They were my companions when I was doing "boy stuff." Well, them and Alicia. She was the biggest tomboy ever.
My favorite thing to do when it was the four of us was to play "Army." Alicia was always on my team because the brothers wouldn't split.
We had one tree that we used - it had a treehouse in it and was out in the middle of the woods, away from adults. We would put something in the treehouse, like a toy or book or something. Then each team started out walking, with a promise to walk for two minutes.
Then the fun started.
We would sneak around, like we thought soldiers would, with BB guns. Anyone who got shot - and we did shoot each other - was "dead."
The first team to capture the treehouse and get the talisman was the winner.
Now I know that soldiers don't "fight" like we did but for youngsters, it was a great way to pass a summer afternoon. :)
stankadiddlehopper stankadiddlehopper
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Sep 14, 2012