"Wooooooh", "get em","KO. The crowd goes wild as she looked around in the ring. The girl was fit with dark skin and long dark hair tied up as a ponytail. She almost felt like she was caged up in a carefully padded deathtrap. Sweat, spit, and blood decorated the floor along with teeth. as she looks up, her eyes were harshly blinded by the lights that almost had a burning sensation.

The lights were everywhere. camera flashes at her when she was in a daze.Being in that state she immediately covers her face and cowers off to the opposite end of her opponent. "What are you doing?", says the coach,"Get back to the fight". The girl could barely hear the coach as his voice was drowned out by crazed fans. "Go Carmen, you almost got her!",said a familiar voice.

As she heard the voice, she takes her arms and confidentially places them in a fighting stance preparing to keep going. Carmen approaches her opponent. Her opponent was battered and bruised all over with blood covered all over her face and in her hair. She was slowly recovering and starts to perk up with her last ounce of strength.The crowd cheers louder. Carmen was still in stance. Her opponent gets up with more confidence and starts to strike at Carmen. Carmen immediately side steps her opponent and does a swift floor sweep knocking her opponent down onto the ground. The crowd goes crazy.

At that moment Carmen stands there and scans the whole arena full of crazed fans screaming her name."finish her!", her coach said with a forceful tone. She approaches her opponent and puts her in a hold. The opponent struggles trying to break free, Yet fails and gave up. Carmen grinds her opponent to the ground."carmen!" said a different voice. Carmen kept a hold of her opponent until someone else steps into to ring. She had a short bobbed red hair and dark skin. It was her cousin Daisha. "Carmen wake up!" Soon a big flash of light shined in her eyes. She wakes up seeing Daisha. "Carmen, it's the first day of school yet you want to sleep in, great way to start off the year" said Daisha playfully. Carmen quickly sits up in her bed rubbing her eyes.

" What's the big deal your not going to my school because you weren't accepted"Carmen fires back at Daisha. "You woke me up from the best dream ever" said Carmen slowly lays back into her be. "Eh, whatever your gonna be stuck with snobs anyways" said Daisha walking out of Carmen's room fully dressed in her school uniform. Her older brother Jared pops his head in Carmen's room. He is tall with dark skin who was in his early twenties ,who wore a smirk on his face almost wanting to laugh at her."what the hell you want Jared?" Screamed Carmen. He smirks and walks away "nothing"while walking away. Carmen finally gets out of bed and starts her day by walking into the bathroom. She reaches for the knob, it was locked. She pounds on the door."yes?" Says Jared mischievously laughing. "Ugh!" Exclaimed Carmen. She sits outside the bathroom door for twenty minutes. She begins to pound on the door some more.

"OK, you been in there for awhile Jared" she angrily says to him. " hold on I'm almost done. Another ten minutes went by. "**** it", she kicks down the door and sees Jared shaving. "Times up buddy get the hell out" she rushes him out the bathroom."hey I'm not.." As he tries to finish his thought she picks up the door and places it on the frame with precision. She starts taking off her night clothes and folds them placing them on the counter. She steps into the shower.

As soon as she was done with her shower, she walks down the hall to her room to get dressed in her school uniform. As soon as she was done, she grabs her book bag and starts to walk downstairs into the living room. Just as she makes it to the last step she sees her mother.

She has short black kept hair, she had dark skin and was wearing appropriate attire for her job. Her mother is a world renowned detective. She looks at Carmen with the coldest look. Carmen immediately froze. "Your not leaving until you fix my bathroom door" says her mom. " but mom I need to go to school, I'm already late."her mom stood there and stared at Carmen." You took the time to break it I'm sure you can take more time to fix it now" she hands her the tools and Carmen started back upstairs to the bathroom. She quickly fixes the door and leaves the tools In the hallway. As soon as she was done she darted downstairs toward the door and hops on her bike and leaves for school.....

To be continued :) and if you read all of it your awesome :3
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Million dollar baby 2? mike tyson has a quote of his own. he said " you can quit and still be a winner." a month after he posted that i saw his broadway show "the undisputed truth." oh please finish the story.

You like my story :o