I Was Born With It ;)

My nose is big (not huge!) and it used to bother me so MUCH! But nowadays I like my face and I don't get so upset by it.
andreanoir andreanoir
26-30, F
4 Responses Oct 10, 2006

If you don't like your nose, change it. We have the technology to do that now! Why do women wear mascara, dye their hair and get fake tans? Seriously, if they're allowed to wax and tweeze and get braces and wear corsets to get a waist..... like, a person with a big honk is totally allowed to change its shape! Are you kidding me? We need to be fair here, and not hypocrites!!!

plastic sergery is not the way to go! ive learnt to accept my nose too, but thats only because one day i told my mum i had been getting called names and she said 'you should accept yourself for you, and not care what others think' and after a lot of thinking about it i realized she was right, people still comment but i just laugh, yeh it does hurt me still but i look and think well its my nose and im loving it, cause those that matter dont mind and those that mind dont matter <3

Sometimes I feel like you and I accept it but when people say my nose is big whether they know I can hear them or not I always get horribly embarrassed and it makes me really depressed. And I'm a really happy, optimistic person. MY NOSE JUST SUCKS and it's like a burden

I want to get to where you are with your acceptance i just cant do it im so unhappy when i look in the mirror