Big Nosed Comments Get Me Down

I was just wondering if any of you guys/girls out there get a little bit down if people start calling you names because of the size of your nose as i do and it annoys me a little as i dont pull them up on there different attributes :(
Mikebecks Mikebecks
26-30, M
3 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Comments hurt, I can tell you every time someone made a comment about my nose, a couple of times I went home and cried- when I was a kid, I even had two adults say something about my nose! People think it's soo funny but it hurts self esteem, I got a nose job and have not had anyone call me big nose since but...I remember all that hurt i felt

big noses are damn sexy! a big nose is nothing more than a nose, you have to be proud of it! show it off! i loveeee my big nose, it has super human smelling capabilities and it makes my face look loverly! imagine your face without your amazing nose. it looks horrible. and especially with guys, big noses are....damn! so let those people make fun of it they have no idea how ghetto a nose can be.

i have a big nose too, your never alone no matter what situation your in, the best way to act is to not act at all, laugh along pretend it means nothing to you, thats what i do and theres literally two people this year that have called me bignose all because i laugh along when people call me it, <3