Am I The Only One Big-nosed Girl?

It's so hard to fit in society when all people around me has got straight noses....

"It's just a nose" I always keep saying but in my head there's a mess. I like myself but sometimes I hate. Sometimes I like to look different but other times I feel like I'd like to disappear with this gigantic bump in the middle of my face :(

If there was at least on girl near me, with a same "problem" as I have I'd really feel better... Maybe you are the one with a big nose? Please please inspire me by sharing your story or a photo... Because I'm losing my beliefs that big nose girls can be still attractive.
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I love women with big noses

You're not the only one...I have a big nose too...I feel very insecure about it....Not only that, I have this hideous frizzy hair that when I comb it its messy again...I know how you feel.....*digital hug*

Everybody, thanks for your inspirational comments, I really appreciate them :)))<br />
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Frostmaiden > I've been thinking about plastic surgery a lot, specially when I was younger. I used to sit days on the internet searching for plastic surgeons in my city, counting how much it would take to get enough money... <br />
But more I grow up and learn, more understand. Problem is not a big nose. Big nose is not wrong at all.... I've been in a lot of companies before most of them not than nice... But every time I start to communicate with a positive person I forget my nose, I don't even think about my looks. These nice experiences give me more self-confidence that keeps me on going in every life time.<br />
I mean, if now I was surrounded by negative people, my self esteem again would be super low and then I would (again) become paranoid about my nose and so on and on...<br />
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I can't tell you if surgery is a answer to your problems but I hope you will find out :)

You're not the only one! I am a girl with a big nose. :). Meryl Streep has a big nose, Ga Ga has a big nose, lea michelle, penelope cruz, niki minaj, ect, ect. Big is beautiful! (when it comes to noses)

Awwwwh, this kinda broke my heart :/ I have a big nose too, and if my nose was smaller I'd be really pretty. Or at least that's what I was told in sixth grade. I've always been super insecure about it and still am. Plus I broke my nose in fourth grade, so it has a little ridge in it and it looks weird. People used to make fun of me every day and I used to cry about it a lot. Now I'm almost fifteen, and I've kinda learned to accept my nose more. I kinda grew into it, what can I say?:] haha. It's still kinda big. But I feel much prettier now, although I'm still insecure. Is your profile pic a picture of you? Because if so, your nose isnt big at alll:D I swear. I'd post a picture of me, but the only ones I have are on my phone, not on my computer. Anyway, you're beautiful XD So don't focus on any imperfections because they make you You. Have a nice day & I hope this helped :)

I feel exactly the same as you! My nose is HUGE. and i don't know anyone with one this big! In my school or anywhere. So that's why I'm glad I found this website cause there is loads of people like us! X

i think a big nose dont matter or anything else bout the girl, its all about personality, all girls are beautiful! one of my ex gfs had a big nose with a bump on it and i still loved her with all my heart and she still has bfs. dont worry bout it,i know you are beautiful as well!!:)

If you would like to - we can chat ^o^ I just can't reach your profile cuz it's set private ToT

IKnow What You Feel; iiHave A Big Nosee Too SomeTimess iiLike It But SomeTimess iiDont; Its Hard To Live Like Thiss Becausee You Get Lots Of Problemss':"(