I Love Big Noses!

Hi, I am male (this means I am NOT female)

I really don't know whats your problem with big noses. It seems all people love small noses, big eyes and big lips. Where does this come from? Ah I think its that "everyone loves baby faces" gene? And babys of course have small noses and big eyes. Poor instincts I suppose? But like some people like chubby people, others like thin people. While it seems most people like small noses, I love big noses. They are really sexy in my eyes. Of course you have to decide for yourself what you like and what you don't like and I think people loving big noses having a small nose hate their nose, while people loving small noses having a big nose hate their nose as well... I have a big nose, I like big noses and I feel good with it :)

Just my two cents...
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4 Responses May 3, 2011

You got it! Thanks for your advice. I have my confidence back.But there is one thing, is it true that some people do really like big and wide nose instead of small nose??

I have been dreaming for years about a woman with b a big nose I hope my dream comes true and I find her

what an inciteful, well written perspective! I love that this person feels that way. it made my night. not that its such a surprise for someone to feel good about their big nose. i agree, i like chicks with larger noses. lil button noses are too babyish to me. chicks with distinctive noses (and other pretty features) are beautiful! i definitely prefer a larger or distinctive nose to a lil button or just small nose.

This makes me feel so much better! Thanks! :)