Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, Big Nose but still Beautiful ...

Well like many I was teased at school, It was not that bad until high school, i remember the popular girls walking past me and laughing and say 'wouldnt it be embarssing to look like her;'  'i hate to have a nose like that', even people who just finished talking to me would go and whisper it back to someone' omg her nose is so big', Ive had people call me big nose a million times, and some quirky jokes on top. I've had it all, to the point where i would wear my hair down or use my hand to cover my face. I was offered surgery by my parents if i wanted to , but i could not do it. Its funny i always thought i would never go for myself if i was anyone else, I mean without the nose, I believed I could be beautiful, I have blonde hair, Massive blue eyes, im very petite, hey i even had various people say im pretty beautiful like barbie ' or im perfect if i didnt have a big nose ' lol.

im now 21 years old and the teasing has calmed down, i actually get many compliments about my nose as they it suits me and its my greek heritage. I actually get much attention from guys to and im grateful to know that, it is because of me and with my real nose, not a nose job. I actually found a guy at the age of 16 (looking my worst after being at the beach) and 4 years later im with him still, and it feels good to know, people will love you for who you are. It hurts when people tease, but you gotta just accept it , and be like yes? i do have big nose?... you have a small nose or you have freckles (point out a clear feature on them). I think if your truly unhappy though, that it seriously effects your life and to socialise then yeah go for a nose job. I know it hurts, you know it is what everything thinks when u see them, i mean hey when i see someone with a big nose to, i think gosh thats big... oh wait so is mine lol!

Anyway  dont know think i will get surgery, if i ever hit my nose and i need to, maybe ill fix it, but i doubt it. I can barely handle having my hair extentions, knowing its all fake!.. but thats me... were all different , Just remember your not alone!
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1 Response May 29, 2011

I actually think you're nose is beautiful! You're gorgeous girl, don't let anyone make you believe you aren't!