Big Nose Girls Pictures

... I could never believe that big nose can look beautiful on a girl. Since I'm a bignose myself, I find it very unatractive .

But when I saw other women and girls I was really amazed, because they looked gorgeous even with big nose. I'll post pictures of big nose women . You can join me and post pictures of celebrities or yourself :)))

Sofia Coppola

Rosy de Palma

The bass player from The Big Sleep, Sonya

Tennis player Sylvia Talaja

Remiko Remiko
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I have a big nose and it has often been referred to as a witches hurt alot and it has damaged my self esteem beyond repair, I was bullied in middle school to high school I really wanted to just die i was being called the wicked witch f the west and "ugly hag" i was only 14 to 15 and getting my face shoved into the wall by some guys saying "maybe if they broke my nose for me I might be pretty and not look like a monster.." I want a nose job very bad because I don't want my nose to prevent me from never finding someone who loves me.

i have a very big nose and i like big nose girls. even i´ve had a girlfriend with big nose and we used to fight with our noses jaja

My friends: pl see very carefully the most beautiful Nose of the south Indian film actresses like Trisha, Shriya, Gopika, Priyamani, Namitha, Thulasi, Sneha Ullal, Sameera Reddy, Nayanatara, Ananya etc. They are very beautiful because of their very beautiful Nose and nostrils only.

hello everyone! I see I'm not the only one with my nose-problem. It's very sad that nowadays media are creating ideal model, and people who aren't similar to that model feel worse from others. When I'm going out with my friends and when somebody prefers to talk with my friends I always think "it's becouse of my nose". And I know it's stupid but perhaps this is how the complexes work. But I remember when I saw a Sofia Coppola's photo for a first time. I was really happy, I was so proud of that woman that she didn't change her nose :) but you know what I think? when we'll accept our noses others make it too, if not - we have to buy a gun and make them to accept it :D

I have been dreaming for years about a woman with b a big nose I hope my dream comes true and I find her

im sorry but seeing these women with huge noses does absolutely nothing to make me feel better about my huge schnozz. my nose is pretty much the same nose as rossy de palmas. and im sorry but its hideous. i dont want some tiny little button nose, but proportionate to my face would be nice.

I have been dreaming for years about a woman with black hair and blue eyes and a big nose and she is the one, I am so attracted whenever I see a woman with an oval face, bushy eyebrows, a big nose and large front teeth that it drives me crazy, I hope my dream comes true and I find her

i could be ur dream girl. dark brown eyes though....

I'm so glad I saw these pictures. I've always felt so uncomfortable about my nose and even though I'm just 16 I've already had so many thoughts about having a nose job when I become 18. Everywhere I see beautiful girls and women with beautiful noses and I just feel like my nose is the only thing people see when they look at me.. <br />
But I feel a little better now after watching these photos :) <br />
<br />
(I'm from Denmark so that's why there might be some mistakes in this text :))

I have a big nose and some days it drives me nuts, but other days i'm greatfull for it because it makes me who i am. Some days i see it as the only thing wrong with my body, and other days i don' t think about it at all. I'm glad i found this website because it helps me realize that there is nothing wrong with me, i don't need to have plastic surgery to be beautiful and i am not the only one.<br />
Sincerly, Natasha

Heyaa :]. I have a big nose too. I've always felt unconfortable and ugly because of it. SOmetimes i love it. I just stare in front of a mirror 4 or 5 mins..and say.Waw..i look ok. But..sometimes..when i look in the mirror...i feel very ugly. But..this summer ,i was at the public pool everyday . And every boy I met sayd to me that i am very beutiful .THis never happend to me before. Itls like..this summer..i kinda..,i don't now how to explain...I feel better xD. Btw i'm 16 too my name is Alexandra and i;'m ffrom Romania. Sorry for my english :]

Yeah, I also adore her... She's a actor and shows herself in such a elegant way... I mean, just look -->

I add more :)) this lovely girl is... Barbra Streisand<br />
<br />

you are not ugly at all ..<br />
<br />
I share a link with you guys, it makes me feel a little better about my nose :D