I Hate My Nose So Much!

I have been hating my nose recently, it's long. I feel like it makes me look manly and not very feminine, all the pretty girls I see have small cute noses. I feel so ashamed, embarrassed and ugly, it's been hard going out in public. I am very scared about people seeing my side profile because it's horrible, it sometimes stops me from going out. Why was I cursed with a long nose and not a cute one like a lot of the girls I see? One of the things that make me ugly, I have no hope in ever being pretty...
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hello, I am a 32 years old african and I have a huge nose .. really, when I was a teenager I was depressed because I have been bullied about it, I couldn't afford arhinoplasty so I decided to accept that "ugly me" and I tried to live as normal that I could. I just want to let you know that even if yours is big or large try to regain confidence in you, life is so amazing , we should enjoy any minutes. big nose, small **** etc.. I don't know what else shouldn't make you a loser. Accept yourself and smile :)

Your nose can be said is "nice" to me. Not like mine, my nose is liked a flat,big and wide nose like an Asian people.

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I'm a guy I have a story and tip that might change your life I'm 6 "3" and I think I am sexy as hell if it weren't for my huge crocked nose it's about 3 inches long and completely sideways and I'm a very fun guy so I still had a gf and friends until freshman year when some ******* saw my last name mosses and called me nosses all year long everybody Literally everybody called me that and my gf broke up with me because she was ashamed of me anyways after that I beat the **** out of the guy that first called me that and got Expelled but this was amazing cause I found a way to hide my nose if u wear prescription glasses get a very thick and dark frame wear it a little lower than the bridge of your nose and ur nose will look a lot smaller and now I actually like school again I just dread the day my glasses will fall of and someone will call me nosses again just my 2 cents hope you find better times

I have a big nose too, and trust me I hate it. And I've been bullied about it, many times. I have very low confidence, but you know what, it's what makes me who I am. And I wouldn't change that for anything. People who are going to cut you down because of your physical appearance are not worth the time of day. Just ignore it, or laugh it off, because they aren't perfect either. My boyfriend though, he doesn't seem to care, he likes me for who I am, not for what I look like. You just need to find the right people to surround yourself with. I get complimented day in and out, and I have the hardest time believing it. No one is perfect, everyone has imperfections, what you have to do is make those imperfections work perfectly for you. Play up with your eyes, or your lips, even your hair. The people you will pick out on you, are the low ones, the ones that don't get very far in life. There are so many successful women out in hollywood with bigger noses, and they are all very stunning. Because they have the confidence. The more you believe you are pretty, the more it shows, and the more people will find attracted to you from your confidence. Walk with your head held high.<3

I have a big nose as well. I consider myself to be very attractive but have been single for a while now. Sometimes I think my nose scares guys away but I could be wrong. A nose job will give confidence. I always wear glasses so my nose is not so pronounced. I can't really say anything to make you feel better because I hate my damn nose too.

That's exactly me

This post was a year ago but I still want to respond! You know, one of the main reasons why you think you're ugly, is because you THINK you're ugly. And honestly, I always hated it when people would tell me the same corny stuff, but it's what the inside that counts. I truly do believe that if you embrace all of your features and traits, you'll shine brilliantly like the sun. Since I'm Asian, there's like this huge emphasis on tiny little noses and pout-y lips and ginormous eyes (you know, like anime/manga characters?). I don't think I'm ugly but I always thought my giant huge nose made me a hideous beast (not to sound dramatic). But really, listen to this: I have this one friend, we're not really close but good enough to hang out sometimes. She's also Asian and I feel so self-conscious when I'm with her: she has the perfect little heart-shaped face, gigantic round eyes, and yes, a cute little button nose. I honestly don't think I've ever met another girl with a cuter face than hers. And to put it frank, I DO think I'm better than decent looking, but NOWHERE near as close as this friend. Yet, this is going to sound messed up no matter how I word it, but more guys like me than her.... now let me elaborate: She's cuter, she's MUCH prettier, but even as pretty as she is, she doesn't have a lot of self-confidence. By God she knows she's pretty, but she wants to be the prettiest. I, on the other hand, I COMPLETELY accept myself. My nose really is like a big blob and I hate it, but what can I do? I have to accept and make the best of what God gave me (btw I'm not like super religious lol). Even though I have confidence in myself, I often am self-conscious about my humongous nose and sometimes have a really low self-esteem. It's only natural. All in all, what I clearly wanted to say was that why in the world would you hide yourself because of your NOSE? Accept yourself and be proud (sorry about the cheesy advice again lol). It's not like a switch and you can be self-confident in 2 seconds, but if you gradually accept that you have a big nose, and really all you can do is live with it and make the BEST of it, only truly then will you be beautiful. <br />
AND BTW, there are so many different types of "pretty" girls. You'd probably fit in the big-nosed, confident, stunning category :). Only if you truly believe that you are beautiful through and through, only then will you be beautiful.

Hey there. As a another "big nose owner" I can suggest you only one thing.... Be yourself. <br />
<br />
There will be thousands of people in your life, ones will say that you look like a man while others will compliment your body and your femininity. What I wan't to say, is just listen to yourself, because it's you.<br />
Then you will realize that people who judge or bully you are also so imperfect.

Hi, i am writing a story on noses. It is about how beautiful a big nose can be on a face. I am curious do you have a picture of your profile? How do really know that your nose is <br />
ugly", since we do not really define ourselves, except to ourselves,and we not see clearly?<br />
<br />
Could you all just post your profiles and lets all actually look at these so called big noses and see if they might just be magnificent instead of ugly?<br />
<br />

Sorry, I refuse to show anyone my pictures. It's too hard for me..

It doesn't make you ugly, just different. And that's a good thing. Just accept yourself, and others will too. i know that sounds like optimistic bullsh!t but it's true

Just hard when all I see is girls with small noses and I have heard and read about people preferring girls with smaller noses..