My Nose.

When I was maybe about 6 or 8 i was perfect, the cutest little girl, blonde hair small cute nose and nothing could go wrong. But as i was gettign older everythign started growing and my nose was definetly one thing that kept growing by the time i was in 5th grade you can tell that itll grow even biggger. 6th grade,  i didnt really oay attention to my nose, 7th grade i started noticing it but 8th grade was myy trouble year. i would look at my nose everyday and cry, im so ugly, i would say because my nose justt took all the attention it made my face look un-proportional andd i looked so bad (in my opinion) i punched myself in the face and cried and cried especially when i liked a boy and he liekd my bestfriend that made me think i wasnt good enough and my friend had such a cute tiny nose while i have this monster. I had so many friends and i lost most of them because of my jealousy becvasue i was jealous of people lives nd peoples looks, im 13 now and i cry myself to sleep because of my nose and life. one day i was videochatting with this boy and i was covering my face to cover my nose and my friends are like "stop doing that" but they dont understand , only a person with a big nose understands. I never got bullied or anythign because of my nose, but i know what people are thinking, its likee "do you know that girl" "that girl with the big nose" and i am sooooo ugly in my opnion even though people tell me im not i mean its my nose if my nose was small i would be gorgeous, believe me i have real blonde hairr and brown eyes and my nose ruins everything it ruins my life, i hate walking to places becasue people can see the side of my nose, i just wish it was small, i woul ddo anything to have my nose small, it went to the point tgat i had to edit my pictures for facebook because my nose was too big. I hate it soo much hopefully when i get older it will even out with my face unless it keep sgrowing and growing, thanks dad thank you so much for giving me a nose like this. i attempted to kill myself anddd i always have thoughts of killing myself and im scared i will actually do it becaus eof my nose and my life. how can someone so young, like me, have to go through soo much painn, i hate everything nd i already cut myself because of my friendss and no boys like me andd **** sucks man. fuckk life,  i hate it,, theres no point, well comment, and tell me if you are also a 13 year old that goes through ther same thing as me, god bless ,(if you have a small nose youre lucky,) and for those that like their big nose, embrace it because you are lucky that you can live with it and that you accepetd the big nosed persom you are. well thats my story. :/ HELP
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I HAVE FINALLY FOUND ME PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also get my big italian nose from my dad and i hate it its so digesting and i get like hair on it and my family always says its not big but they're just trying to tell me what i want to hear. i would also be pretty if i had a small nose so when I'm 18 I'm getting a nose job

Trust me I'm sure your nose is not as big as mine lol. Even after getting plastic surgery done on it, it's huge (and that isn't an exaggeration...) People have called me almost every name you could think of...Pinocchio, Phineas and Ferb, Big Bird...every time I meet a little kid, the first thing they comment on is my nose (you know how honest little kids are). After having gone under the knife I can honestly say that at some point you just have to step back and say, okay, this is how it is...maybe I do have a big nose (keep in mind lots of people don't though, I've seen these sorts of posts and then pictures are posted and they aren't that bad). Unfortunately, I can safely say I do, ba<x>sed on my own assessment as well as other people validating it (including the plastic surgeon, who called it huge). So I (and you may) have a big nose. I can list one positive that has come from it...I know for a fact that it has given me a sense of humility that I may not have had otherwise--to me that's more attractive than a smaller nose (I know that sounds like bullshit, but I'm being honest, it really is, a nose is just a nose). But I'm not gonna try to pick out a bunch of positives, because it honestly can suck and hurt a ton at times (I'm sure you've cried over it, and I have more times than I can count). It has made me stronger and a more mature person than the ones calling the names, I look at people and sympathize with their "short-comings", and even have grown to like them. There's a girl who went to my school who had a very long nose...people made fun of her, but no lies, I really do think she's very, very attractive physically. She has great eyes, skin, nice hair, and her nose actually adds a really cool element to her face that gives her a very unique look. I don't know, I'm rambling...I still struggle with this too though, but I'm beginning to realize that you just have to own up to it and live with it...and as you grow older, it's true that people (not always, but in general) will mature and not care half as much about stupid crap like they did in high school. I would never even consider dating a really hot girl who makes fun of others, but I would definitely consider dating a girl with a long nose who loves herself (including her nose), is humble inside, and is kind to those around her. Anyways, I'm done, I hope that helped.

I'm 18 and I understand.. Everyone makes fun of me to my face and behind my back about my nose. It's been like this for over 6 years. I'm always checking the mirror or hiding from society because people make fun of my nose. Even my mother does on occasions and my grandma told me i had a lump in the middle of it. I have been trying to get surgery but ever surgeon rejected me and im forced to live with this freakishly large nose. I cant even wear my hair out of my face and im a male because if i do my ugly nose will show. I feel really bad that you suffer from the same issue. And i hope everything gets good someday. I understand your pain BIG TIME.

im a 13 year old guy, and i feel the exact same way. i like you already cuz i understand ur pain.

U got a fb or something lmfaoo we can. Talk and **** if u do


i dont knwo why it was starred or whatev it say i f-king 13, like im so f-cking alien, , i look like f-cking s-hit with my big nose

i dont knwo why it was starred or whatev it say i f-king 13, like im so f-cking alien, , i look like f-cking s-hit with my big nose

im so happy there is someone out there like me, if i didnt have a big nose i would be pretty none of my friends have big noses and im just such a freak, i hate mysefl i wake up every morning thinking how would my life be different if i had a small nose, i hate how my friends noses are little i actually touched my friends nose and it was so short and when i touch mine it takes forever to go all the way down because of how long and fat it is and im only ******* 13 like ocme on . i hate i am also getting a nose job and im gonna get a job at 14 and save up i need a nose job its like im some ******* alien and nobody that has a small nose understands sometimes i wonder why god punished me with a big nose, and i think i am super ugly all because of my nose. nd when i take group pictures everybody looks nice nd i look like **** with my big nose. i hate it IHATE IT

This is like the story of my life... seriously. I have beautiful naturally blonde hair and green eyes, but I got this huge, bulbous nose from my dad that is just repulsive! I'm 15 almost 16 and have attempted suicide and have cut myself. Everyday I wake up miserable, and everyday I want to kill myself. My sister is absolutely perfect and gorgeous, and she has the perfect tiny nose. I've never had a boyfriend, and I know everyone thinks I'm hideous. None of my friends have big noses. When I was younger I was so cute, and I had a tiny little nose. And now I'm this repulsive monster! Right now I'm saving up to get a nose job after I graduate high school.

i hate taking pics also