My Nose Is Too Big For A Girl

ever since i was in Elementary i've been told i have a big nose. i feel so bad about my nose sometimes, sometimes i wish i was born with more of a normal sized nose. Sometimes i have those days where it seems like EVERYONE is staring at it. I often feel like, and i wish, that i could just steal someones nose right off their face and replace it with mine. But very rarely i feel happy to have a big nose, cause i would look way too weird with a smaller nose. And no matter how much i hate it, i don't think i hate it so much to have a nose job. 
OpheliacCupcake OpheliacCupcake
2 Responses Sep 20, 2011

Who has ever gave you a example of how a perfect female nose should look like? TV? Hollywood? NONSENCE.<br />
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It was also hard for me to understand that big nose is OK. When I was younger I would cover up my nose with tissue and dream how pretty would I be if I stayed like this. I was even sure that I'm going to have a plastic surgery but then... I stopped and realized that problem is not in the nose. The problem was in my head. <br />
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I really hope that you will find your way and most important --> yourself. :)

That is exactly my day to day life! But you know what? Our noses give us beauty and character uniquely :) I bet you're beautiful and you're nose adds to it!