The Girl With The Big Nose.

I first started feeling self conscious about my nose in the 6th grade, when i moved from Nashville to La Vergne TN. I never had self esteem issues until the kids started calling me names & putting me down. Once this boy yelled in front of the whole class room "YOU NEED A NOSE JOB!" That was so embarrassing.. then this kid on the bus stopped me before I got off & said "Hey, let me pay to get you a nose job." in front of everybody! Then I remember one day I looked in the mirror, & that's when I realized I really did have a huge nose. I colored my whole nose with a black sharpie & cried. Every since then I have always felt like an outcast. I am concidering a nose job but I always go back & fourth about it. I hope it would make my confidence go up so I could just be myself. I really just want to be around people that understand me & know how I feel. When I meet people I automatically think they're staring at my nose (which they probably are) & right off the bat want nothing to do with me. It's the worst feeling a girl could have!
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Danielle618,I can guarantee that you are beautiful inside and out and just do not realise it just like myself.its so difficult to believe this when you feel that others think differently and always judging you based on your in the transition of seeking counselling which is helping me to think differently so that I can process positive energy and think more positively about accepting my nose and my beauty.its starting to work as I find myself trying to learn to accept the way iam,too love myself and hopefully bring love into my life.Until you learn to love you for being you then the universe will respond to this enabling you to accept love back no matter how your nose is.its great to hear from you and I look forward to hearing frm you again.xx

I have felt this same exact way, i've also colored my nose with a black sharpie. Every morning i look in the mirror and fight tears. Every day, with every person i meet and speak to all i can think about is facing them a certain way so they won't have to look at my nose at such a terrible angle. i drink nyquil to fall asleep so i don't have to stay awake and think about the enormity of my nose. i look at noses constantly and there is no way that there is a worse nose than mine. i was recently on a date with a man and the first thing he said to me was "woah, you've got a big nose" my life is haunted by this everyday. i work three jobs just to afford living, it is insanely difficult to save for something as expensive as a nose job at this point in my life. with this painfully long paragraph i typed out to you, i can tell you that your nose is absolutely exquisite coming from someone who can see the light and beauty in every one except for herself.

Hello,when I read your story I felt exactly the same feeling.ive always hated my nose as my father used to make me feel really ugly about it.i was also teased by boys mainly and used my confidence in myself to fight off the nasty comments.years went by when I learnt to accept myself and when I found my long term boyfriend it was no longer an issue because somebody wanted me,I was no longer ugly but super that I'm a single mother unhappy again with myself I notice that it goes back to wanting to change my nose.i know I have to learn to love myself but it's so difficult when you don't feel beautiful.i bet your an amazing and beautiful person and letting your nose be an issue hinders you from pursuing your dreams and I know as I've done it and pray I can change and love my nose the way god does.i wish you all the best and think we need to embrace our noses and enhance our beauty in other ways.x

Hey my names Jess and when I read your story I said to myself omg I felt like you were reading my feeling straight from my heart. Everything you said about you the way you feel is how I feel. And the way people stare and laugh . I also have contemplated getting a nose job but my boyfriend once told me are you really going to change the way god perfectly made you. I cried and said no . But deep down inside I think about it everyday. But look at it this way, there are people out there born with only one ear, others with blind, others who can't walk or talk or are death of hearing and then again here are others that wish they were complete and yet they live there days thanking god for what they do have. So I say let's just be grateful for what we do have even if we have a little more thn others it's the way god wanted us to be for a reason. God bless you all and love yourself because if I can that I have a lot of things that I feel make me ugly I am pretty sure you can too...

Hello Christine

Reading your story is like going back in time for me! I was bullied at school also about my nose, nearly always by boys too which in a way was worse! Ive heard every name, every comment and even to this day I still get some. From your photo you look lovely, and are most probably a brilliant person too. I'm 25 and I am slowly growing to love my nose even after all the abuse.

Keep your head up my dear, thinking of you.

Kind regards,

Lucy xxx

Hello Christine

Reading your story is like going back in time for me! I was bullied at school also about my nose, nearly always by boys too which in a way was worse! Ive heard every name, every comment and even to this day I still get some. From your photo you look lovely, and are most probably a brilliant person too. I'm 25 and I am slowly growing to love my nose even after all the abuse.

Keep your head up my dear, thinking of you.

Kind regards,

Lucy xxx

I don't know if your profile picture lies and shows a girl with normal nose or we don't know what a BIG nose is o_o !

I have been trough all that except that hardcore bullying... I'm sure that problem is in bullies no matter what size your nose is, maybe if you had a tiny one they would have treated you even worse. However, you have survived it and so did I :)

Anyways, what helped me (and I hope will help you) are the people that can give you hope, people that inspire you. When my self-esteem was lower then zero and I felt falling apart I have accidentally found few women that had same nose "problem". I'm going to share it with you and I hope it will also help you to understand the problem which is THERE'S NO PROBLEM.

Aw, thank you! I'm happy for you that you got help & it definitely does help when you're surrounded by positive people.

The link you gave me sent me to the facebook home page...

From your profile picture, I'd say it is kinda big,


To me, it fits your face. Individually, your eyes stand out, your nose stands out, your lips stand out, but they each look good to me, and all add up to a rather beautiful face.

If people put you down and insult something about you, that just speaks of their own insecurities. They want to look and feel better than you. By insulting you and getting you to feel bad about yourself, they feel better about themselves because they can focus on what they think is bad about you.


Have confidence girl, you look amazing.

Oh most definitely, those same kids that made fun of me aren't looking so good now. They just don't understand how someone can be scarred by their words. Thank you for the compliments by the way! ( :

everyone has something about there body they hate..and it usually starts with a comment some retarded kid said...and sweety if that;s you in the pic you are absolutely stunning, I see that your nose is big, but there is nothing wrong with rock it and I respect you for telling other's how you feel instead of keeping it inside..but you should talk to your mom about it and tell her if there's anything about putting you ina better school with a smaller class and nicer kids.. because there are nice kids out there that are waiting for you to meet them !! I started having insecurity at the age of 11..I have a beauty mark on my upper lip and many's called me names as well..and i battled with depression and insecurity..but what I didn't realize is that even if you didn't have a big nose people would treat you the same, but call you diff names..there are beautiful girls who get picked on everyday for no reason given..people are just jealous and they feel worst, so they make fun of the one's who have better looks then they do..and the boys haha! boys will be boys there ignorant and low life losers ...sweety if there make fun of you make a comment back but nto one that will get you in trouble I always said:

haha i may not be perfect looking and that reason is cuz perfect doesnt exist and ur so quick to judge but one day will come when you will get made fun of and you will see how it feels and just walk with your head up high like if you dont give a hell!! even tho you do ..but talk to people like you that have insecurity and stuff..everyone goes thru this your not the only one standing..there are people worst then you..and Ive seen bigger nose's but I actually think its cute..and to be honest I live with people that have huge nose's and i say to myself wow that's huge...but im not saying it to make your day im saying it because its the truth.. your cute and don't let boys bring you down!

Thank you! You are the ONLY person that's actually said, "yes, you have a big nose, but you are still beautiful!" I would rather hear an honest opinion rather than someone trying to make me feel better. I appreciate your comment! ( :

you are welcome!! and its the truth your gorgeous..and u dont need noone to tell you that your ugly just because one lil tiny thing about u that isnt a big deal..I think ur nose is adorable nothing wrong with it! and if there was something wrong I wouldn't be feeding u lies that isn't truth let ur beautiful shine and forget the rest! :)

Since I am from southern California, my first react to your story was to say, "Why not just get a nose job?"

However, Leaping Tiger is right. Ultimately, in life, it is good to learn to accept ourselves and to look for people who are willing to get to know you and see your inner beauty. Whether you have a nose job or not, that would be a good thing to learn. After all, as we get older, we tend to look a whole lot less perfect so eventually, you would have to learn to accept some appearance flaws as do others as they age.

Meanwhile, if you are doing the above (trying to develop more confidence and better friends), and you still want to get a plastic surgeon to help you, go ahead. Get it over with and change whatever you can change that you do not like. It will help you to have a more confident and balanced approach to your appearance. As long as you combine the changes you make to your face with changes in your attitude toward yourself ("I am OK whether I look perfect or not."), you should be fine.

many people only feel good when putting others down