Big Noses Aren't So Bad

I posted a story on here before about how much I hated my nose; however, now I actually kind of like it! The biggest problem for me was that I felt like having a big nose made me ugly, but then I realized having a big nose doesn't make you ugly! There are so many people with big noses, guys and girls alike, and in my opinion it just enhances their appearance and makes them more interesting. I think it's actually a really great feature and it makes people stop and notice you. Think about it, if you see someone with just a "normal" looking face, you're much less likely to remember them than someone who had a large nose. I feel like my nose makes me look more European, which I think is kind of cool. A lot of people in Europe have big noses, so I probably wouldn't even feel that different if I lived there. For girls, I think having a big nose can make them look very elegant. I'm not sure if anyone knows of Emily Vancamp, but she has a big nose (more so from the side) and I think it just enhances her beauty. For awhile, I was convinced I was going to get a nosejob and even started saving up some money. Now, I've decided I'm not going to get one and just accept myself for who I am. Plus, that's extra money that I would have wasted on a stupid nosejob. I know some people might be reading this story and thinking it's just bull****, but honestly you should just learn to accept your nose. I reccommend going on It's a blog that praises big noses and it really helped me in dealing with my frustrations.
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4 Responses Jun 6, 2012

I agree. I wish that I had not chopped mine when I was younger. Emily VanCamp is a great example. Many of the actresses look weirdly the same now.

YES men and women look creepily similar on film and TV.

I agree - big noses are nice, nose jobs :( I have a small, button nose, and I have always envied those with big noses.

How did you KNOW?!

I, too, my nose is long and I play with to decrease

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