I Won't Get My Nose "fixed"

I come from a long line of big noses from my father's side. My dad's nose is ridiculous. My nose is a smaller, straighter, less broken version of that ridiculousness. I had never disliked my nose. But I was never unaware that my nose was big. Then one day while ushering my two large black labs into my car to go to the park a rabbit appeared in my neighbor's yard and my dogs went crazy. I was able to hold on to their leashes and get them in my car. In all the craziness one of my dogs had head butted me right in the face breaking my nose. Making my already large nose a little bigger and slightly leaning to the left. After my nose healed my fiancé informed me that I now snored loudly, he compared it to a bear growling. He nicely suggested I should get surgery so he could sleep in the same room with me again. I met with a doctor who said it was a simple surgery and no one would be able to tell. My mom found out and told me to get my nose straightened made smaller, smaller than it had ever been. My mom had her nose "fixed" to look pretty when she was young. I had considered getting it straightened so it wouldn't lean to the left like before I broke it. But having my mom tell me to completely change my nose made me not want to change a thing. I felt like I would be slapping my big nosed ancestors in the face and I would erase part of my history. After pressure from my mom, grandmother, and some not so great friends to fix my nose I decided not to change my nose at all. I was born with this nose. My great great grandmother had this nose. My dog who I love more than anything broke this nose. As I get older my nose will grow, noses never stop growing apparently, and I hope l never regret not getting it fixed. Except the inside. I now no longer snore like a wild beast.
Mapler Mapler
22-25, F
Jun 18, 2012