I Hhhaaattteee My Nose!

i have a big, hook nose. i hate it so much. if i could afford rhinoplasty i would do it in a second! in school there was a kid named scott smith (yes thats you, mr. el camino high school) he called me "hawk". he had a tiny, square head and bad teeth, so i dont know why he thought he was so cute, but it really hurt. u see, i have nice eyes, good hair, nice skin, a curvaceous body, and would probably be considered a "knockout" and at least a "9" if it werent for my nose. with this eagle beak, i am a "6" at best. i was dating a guy when i was 18, and we were at his apartment with a few of his friends. i lived in the same apartment building and went to run upstairs to get a bottle of wine. but i had forgotten my keys. so i went back to the BF's apartment to get them, and outside the door i could hear one of his friends saying "ugh, that NOSE!" like i said i someday hope to get a nosejob. it is my dream to fix my nose. im not even going to go through that whole "well as ive gotten older ive learned to accept it, its not the outside that counts, blah blah blah" that all sounds good but come on. i mean, i could be so much more attractive if i could afford to fix my nose. no, looks arent everything. but to look at yourself in the mirror and see a beautiful women being hidden by a giant beak....aaarrrghghgh!
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these nose jobs dont always work out, as a matter of fact. nobody ever seems happy with them. I had 3 of them and my **** is still messed up. if them movie stars cant get a good nose job nether can u. Now I seen some that worked out but no. U have to have the right face for it, dont know if u do. shorter the better. if u have a long nose 4 get it. it will look like shyt after trust me

you know, i dont need some tiny little button nose. i have a fairly long face and high cheekbones, so a button nose wouldnt even look right. just some refinement, so it is proportionate to my face. a mega-transformation nose job, some tiny little michael jackson nose, would definitely NOT be proportionate to my face so.....anyway i am a fly fishing guide and i dont make a ton of money. i love what i do, but u arent going to get rich being a guide. so it isnt like i have a choice to make here. i cant afford it anyway. which sucks.

I have a long face 2, they messed my nose up. the bigger the nose the worse they do. u dont need it, u will have more problems after they bust up your face. they will make your nose skinny cause they cant do nothing right. it might be off to one side so hell wit that. your lucky u have no money 4 that. look at the stars, u see any good work there, no. its a botch science

I can totally relate, I feel the same way. I would get a nose job too if I could afford it. My brother tells me all the time, "you're pretty, but you would be so much prettier if you got a nose job" he even has told me that I will probably never get married because of my nose. WOW.. really, feeling the love there. I know he is right though, about being prettier if I had a nose job. I try to pretend that I have accepted how I look because I get tired of people playing it down or saying your nose isnt that big, look at mine. These people are the ones with cute little noses that are a third of the size of mine. It doesnt make me feel any better, but I just let it roll off. Cant really afford to do anything about it right now.

i totally feel u. my moms friend is like "i think u have a cool nose!"....well she has this little button nose. and she likes my nose because it isnt on HER FACE!!! god if i only had a few grand laying around. i want a nose job SSSOOOO BBBAAADD!!!! it sucks to look in the mirror and know that u would go from a 5 or 6 to a 9 with the stroke of a surgeons scalpel. and the only thing stopping u is money. :(

there is more bad nose jobs then good ones

@remiko.....nah...its pretty "nose" specific. i dont want to fix my ears, lips, teeth, etc. everything else is ok with me. i have no intention of turning into one of those plastic surgery addicts. i couldnt afford to anyway, obviously, because if i could i would have already had my nose fixed. im not pretending anything. i just want a nose job. im sorry if it sounds shallow. i am not "fake"; in fact, i'm being real. im not going to pretend im happy with it, and that its only the inside that counts, etc. im not going to pretend that looks dont matter. the fist impression u give to people are ur looks. why not look as good as u can? and im not empty on the inside. im basically a happy, kind person, who cares for others and helps others when i can. i have a great husband and a job i love. i know that getting plastic surgery isnt going to fix some hole a person may have inside them. that if u are miserable, u cant change that by changing how u look on the outside. but i still want a nose job. i just want to look better and not have my pther great features hidden behind this schnozz. i appreciate ur support, but thats just the way it is.

you are not your body
do you really want to pose, to pretend being somebody whom you are not?
and do you think that would make you happy?
happy and proud of being fake? really?
at the end we all end uo gray, bald and six feet under, our bodies rotten its our souls that prevail, what good is to have a "prefect" body and to look "good" if you are empty in the inside
this may sound cold so i apologize in advance but thats just what i think, its my own personal opinion, and if you really want to do it, then go ahead !! i respect peoples choice's
take care

Why people give up on stereotypes so easily? beauty has been changing in years , once fat women were sexy and suddenly in the middle ages skinny gothic proportions turns out to be more acceptable. There also were times when big nose was a symbol of intelligence like in ancient greece where goddesses had big noses. Even the most beautiful woman Cleopatra had a big nose!
And now we are in retarded 21st century where mainstream media tells you how to the perfect woman should look and you try you try and you can never be that perfect!

I can't make you love your looks. You can get it fixed. At first it might seem like a perfect plan and just after surgery you will be a gorgeous , self confident beauty. Actually, it costs a lot, it takes lots time to heal and you might even have difficulties breathing. It's nothing like in those reality shows where "ugly" woman gets a nose job and second day she takes of the bandage and suddenly turns into a petty lady with new hairstyle, make up , no wrinkles and tiny nose. So, after fixing you will notice that your lips aren't big enough, your wrinkles are too draggy, your ears too big and once again you will go into those stereotypes.

The thing is, you are not a just a giant nose with tiny legs to walk :D when people see you, they look at a whole you unless you're hiding yourself in a paper bag with only a hole for your nose cut. Personally I remember people with unique features such as big eyes, big nose, curvy lips more than those plastic fake people with fixed-everything.

So, darling, I just don't want you to give up. And like u said "well as ive gotten older ive learned to accept it, its not the outside that counts, blah blah blah" . I did it. I overcame my paranoia of having a big nose. I have friends, I've been called beautiful. Before, when I was paranoid just as you are now, I was sure that people first notice my big nose. Then I was in a wrong circle of people, they were unintelligent, stereotypical and not tolerant , they used verbal abuse to insult my looks, spoke behind my back about my big nose... I felt like a one giant schnotz not a person. And then after few years Im in a new circle of people where my big nose is treated not as a bullying object but as me, as a part of my face that reflects my personality who is, I'd have to say, not an idiotic one :)

So that's all I've wanted to say... and..

Oh my god I wrote a book, not a comment :DDDDDD

Hey I felt the same :/ Only thing that helps for me is seeing other big nosed girls living happily with no issues! http://bignoselove.tumblr.com/ this tumblr is updated every day and gives me so much self esteem so Im sharing it with u :)))

i appreciate u trying to help by sending me that link. but im sorry, the first think i think when i see these women is..."wow, they have some big noses!" its just the way it is. its the first thing people see when they look at u. my big brown eyes, high cheekbones, long wavy dark hair......nope, all they see is nose. i long for the day i can afford rhinoplasty. i dont even want some tiny, turned up little michael jackson nose; but proportionate to my face would be nice! name one women out there who is considered a "great beauty" who has a big, hooked, beak nose. and PLEASE dont say rossy depalma. every single women in that link? i think...wow she would be pretty if she got a nose job. when u have a huge beak nose, u arent described as "pretty"....ever. "statuesque", possibly even "sexy", but no way in hell are u getting "pretty". no matter what people say, there isnt a woman out there who just wants to be "pretty on the inside"....

long, i tell ya, LONG for the day.....why cant i have a friend who is a plastic surgeon!?!? to be able to look in the mirror and like ur face must be an amazing feeling. im sorry if it sounds shallow, but right now it is my greatest wish for myself. how does this happen? i am completely proportionate everywhere else. and then its as if theres somebody elses nose stuck in the middle of my face. like when i was created, they gave me the wrong nose. thats how it feels. my real nose is under there somewhere and i cant come up with the $5,000 i need for someone to get it out.