(...) You Should Be Happy.... Well I'm Not!!!

i'm 16 years old unhappy! i have a loooT of friends... it's cause i'm nice i gueess :p but any way that's not my piont ... why were alive?? everyone's goal in life is to be happy satesfied and to feel good in he's own body to be able to take a compliment and belive it !! so if you have a big noose like me and your not ******* happy change it ! crying in your room and complaining to your parents wouldn't change a shiit and belive me i tryed that but it didn't work cause they dont understand that having a big noose and feeling ugly runes our life they keep saying that it's normal and shiith like that! but it's about how you fee! you dont feel normal so why you should hundl that ! they're not the one who have to deal every day with it and every ******* morning and walking in the streets and being teerified sccared that some one is looking at your profile and sayiing shiit about it!! WTF is wrong with this people who wants you to be satisfied about something that's ruing you lifetime!!!! dont keep saying that you are different cause no one deserves to be treated like a different persone we are all the same!! but were living in cruel world be confidence ! be strong !! be happy and that's the most important thing be happy cause life is short dont waste it crying and complaining or in seeing a ******* shriink you dont need one !! change your faith !!! biiiiiiiiig loooooooooooooove to all the ones out there who feld somday and unhappy and ugly because of a ******* noose that we didn't choose .......
notgivingashit notgivingashit
18-21, F
Aug 20, 2012