Confidence Issues ; I Hate My Nose, So Much.

I think one of my biggest problems about having a bigger nose is the lack of confidence that comes with it. All of my friends have small, cute noses, and then there's me. I don't feel like I'm pretty, I wish I was born with a smaller nose. Also, the first thing people point out for an insult is my nose, about how big it is. And other hurtful things. I try to ignore the rude comments, but it's hard to when you already have self esteem issues because of it. But, I also get called pretty from other people, yet I just don't see it. I try to, but I can't figure it out. I have a boyfriend, and he doesn't say anything, but I'm also too scared to ask what he feels about it.. I just wish we lived in a society where bigger nosed girls were what was considered 'acceptable' instead of 'button' nose.
ashleemyronuk ashleemyronuk
18-21, F
4 Responses Oct 25, 2012

ashlee you are very pretty ..... :o i can't see where is the problem .. i mean that's u in the profile pic wright ! you are very beautiful .. you should start acting that way :D

well, listen u look ok. Your bf might like your nose, if he has a small nose. Im sure he likes it but asking him wont hurt. just get your confidence up or u will be missing out. find a way cause noses dont matter. men like all kinds of girls. I have a freind who likes chicks with big noses also faces that look like a man. he may be Gay. alot of people are. good luck and cheer up

try 2 love wht u brave

Girl, you should be proud! Big nose makes girl's face look more mature and brave meanwhile small nose gives that immature look. Maybe kids your age won't understand that but the more woman's nose is different from her "baby" form the bigger aristocratic look it has :)And for little inspiration I share my find with you