China Is The Answer!!!!!!!

actually yes I have a very very very big nose in the way when I put my jacket hat the only think you can see when you stand besides me is the freaking nose. one day my family took a unanimous decision that I have a big nose, lol, and they completed drink a tea in a very very racist way I think I will jail them one day. I still remember one day I was walking on the street I saw two beautiful girls, one said look he has got a big nose, the other one replayed yes wowowo but I love it. one day I was reading e mails and I was feeling down and unhappy about my new identity "big nose man", suddenly there was a message come out from the screen said" are you feeling outrageous about your big nose!!!!!!!!!!!! so don't be down, in china they thing big nose people bring a good fortune and happiness. In the god sake is that true, so I am going to prepare my luggage and take the jet to china and to leave my raciest family drink the shiiiiit tea alone, would you mind to come with me see you in china bye bye bye.
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5 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Hahhahhahahhaahha nice and funny! Bon voyage then :))

I prefer a man with a big nose to a man with a little nose.
Iv found men who have a big nose are more mature minded and not immature as little nose guys plus they have a good sence of humour !!!!

if you have a roman nose it is a feature of a warrior. strong, bold, and beautiful. if you have the bump on your nose, (or some call it a ski slope) you should research the history of the roman nose. it is a beautiful trait.

i had a fake ''friend'' that had this nose and talked all the time about getting it fixed. if i could have felt free to be honest and open with her i would have told her how beautiful i thought it was. but i thought it was understood this was a beautiful and rare trait, and she was a jealous hateful person. so i thought her mentioning getting it fixed all the time was her being a cocky *****. kind of thought every one knew that was attractive.

besides all the praise the ancient romans have for this trait, a lot of very powerful people have different degrees of this sought after trait. that is all.

Many cultures say that if you have a large nose you have a large Pe-nis.. so this might work well for you.

U might have to be Asian to get the good luck treatment, U may be I dont know. u said raciest so your not white then I guess so U dont have a big bone hook nose. Man sounds like u got the kind of nose your stuck with, U have people that love u in your life. even thou they make fun. maybe they want to hear how u feel about it. Im not sure. learn to love it and crack jokes back. I know U get tired of being the topic of a joke but things might work out 4 U yet