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3 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Stop smoking and it will shrink lol
Seriously, make some ginger tea pads on it! It can help somehow!!

No big difference! It was big, it's still big! But if worked well, it will be smaller lol

Well im just glad you havent followed the usual route that people take when unhappy with body parts...get it surgically altered to look like everyone elses, cause your nose holds family history it tells so much about you....can i see it..?

hahha. hey chill out. sometimes i think it's nice for men to have a big nose. :)

love your nose, he will love u back. love urself! i know someone that is suffering from a disease n he lost his nose. i cant describe it cuz it's waayy too.. urgh.. um. yeah.poor him. please dont do surgery. u wont have the real nose but the FAKE one n it's not gonna last long. so be thankful to who u are n what u have now! :)

hahhah! it distracts you from writing the letter S? xD jk