I hate my nose everyone makes fun of me. No one gives me a chance, they don't want to even look at me. I thought about cutting half off but feared of how it might heal after. I've lost jobs because of it I've never been even just out for so much as a walk with a woman. I've told my self it is an experience that some one must go through and with this experience it is my duty and destiny or faith whatever it is it is my experience of life. The only thing is that life is my curse cause if I could just die the problem would end and my nose will rot away. So with patience I wait.
Someguyonther Someguyonther
26-30, M
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

listen, ok. it sounds like u have a big nose. dont cut it off, how would u even do that anyway. maybe u can see a plastic surgeon. just to talk about it. I dont advise it cause they suck. had 4 nose jobs, its all messed up. And How do u lose a job from your nose being big? U got sick of the name calling and punch sombody or somthing. I know how it is