I Hate My Appearance

So tonight I got into a little exchange of words with my sisters ex. The only thing he could criticize me about was my nose. He kept saying "you big nosed c***" and said he could lose weight but I couldnt change that beak on my face without surgery.. it was really hurtful.. I hate the way I look.. I try to be the best person I can be to make up for my lack of beauty but obviously it doesnt do me any good. He is right though, I cant do anything about my nose, I cant afford a nose job. People are shallow, they dont care about a good personality, all people are looking for is a pretty face which I will never have. The thing that bothered me most was that my sister said nothing to defend me.. but what could she say, he is right I do have the biggest nose ever. I wish some plastic surgeon would just comp a nose job for me, that way I could feel pretty and normal and not always want to hide my face because I dont want people to notice my nose. Only in my dreams am I the pretty one.
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5 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I have a beak too. It sucks and hopefully I'll be able to afford surgery.

I agree, I find big noses attractive on women. Also, you're sister's ex sounds like a complete loser and hypocrite. He could lose all that weight, but does he? That statement is a testament to his laziness and his overall weakness of character.

Start reading the posts from the men here. There are plenty of men who love big noses, including me. I think they are sexy. Does that make me weird? No it doesn't! Not everyone needs to look the same.

your nose I think not like big, than mine, if you see your nostrils pourait I pourait compare your nose with mine, because a nose work, I thought, so I use nose up to the thin, because I do not like my nose, yours, I no way you can show me

People are shallow but not all. some men like a woman with a big nose. maybe u can go to a plastic place just to talk to them. U may not even want it done after that. also they have a payment plan program if u have credit. An Operation its not a quick fix 4 sur, it may mess u up even more. u dont even need a nose job, u got personalty already built around that nose. lots of people are not happy with there nose job, it turns into more nose jobs. just like michael jackson. them doctors are crazy. u go in to have a hump taken off and now its to skinny or off to the left or right. dents shadows all that