My Big Nose

I am 38 years old. The fist time I was aware that my nose was bigger than average is when somone pointed it out to me at 8th grade graduation.  As I have gone through life some people have been bold enough to ask "were did you get your nose". I just laugh and tell them it is becasue of my Italian heritage. But inside that really hurts.  That is obviously the first thing people notice when they see me and I know for a fact that it has hindered my interaction with women. People do not want to get to know me because of this feature. The thing is...without the schnoz I would be a really good looking guy and not have trouble with women at all. It has totally undermined my self confidence.  Women will not want to get to know you unless they are attracted to you, and not many are attracted to me because of this feature.

It makes me very sad.

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3 Responses Oct 17, 2008

big nose is big problem nose huggies is best i think

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i couldnt agree with both of you more, im the same as u guys an its just not fair, it eats me up inside an hinders me with woman i feel its all they see me for if they only really knew me but who wants to get to know a nose with a guy on it :(

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I've got basically the same problem,.without my nose I would look a whole lot better,.but you know,.If you would look good without the big nose,.it means you dont look too bad with it,.with women it's mostly about confidence,.and I've managed to get my decent share of pretty girls despite my nose,.only problem is,.I dont think I could pick a girl up somewhere,.but once they get to know me better they cave,.haha,.they have to get over the initial shock.