New Here>my *kind Of* Big Nose


its been about 2-3 years since i have started getting really self conscious cos of my seemingly large nose,unfortunatly inherited from my ma and pa.

I never used to fuss and bother bout it.But growing more i have come to hate it and it causes me to have really low self asteem.I have been bullied because of it my boys in my old school once before,that really did me in.I can look kinda pretty but seeing all the others girls with small noses really makes me feel ugly,hideous and down right different.

I don't think I can *own* it or *work* it.I have been considering a nose job if i can get the money together when i am a few years older.who knows,i've had boys fancy/look at me but i really dont like my nose especially when i have been look at from the side.I hate it so much.

 Not sure felt like coming on here to share with people of the same sort of problem.

Maybe i can grow to like it and feel unique in a good way.But seeing people on tv having small nice nose makes me think maybe i couldnt do acting right.I hate smile too.

It might be alright who knows?x

oooh its long soz!x thanks x

xxxevexxx xxxevexxx
1 Response Feb 22, 2009

I've noticed girls are more open about noses than guys, most guys can get away with a big nose just because their a guy, but a girl, like you, are so much more focused on image and makes them feel how they think they look. You can live with a big nose as long as you can reconize this and manage to move on with your life, or you can unnaturally alter yourself to make yourself look like you want to look and hope that it solves all the problems that having a big nose has caused i.e. missed opportunities, lower socialbility, and feeling of nothing you can do to better it. And fixing your nose can either help your confidence or you will find that you still can't do the things you want even with a nose you feel comfortable with. The choice is yours, it all depends on what type of experience you want in life, people will big noses either can see their nose as a impeadment to their success or not even worry about it, but still do the work to be fully successful.