Big Nose

I have a MASSIVE nose because of my mom, when she was younger she was at a park she wasn't allowed to go to + she was on the monkey bars + she fell off them flat on her face + broke her nose so she couldn't go back home to clean her nose up so she went to a stranger's house to sort it out. She broke + her nose has always been quite large now then she had me + i inherited her ****in nose.

I get bullied at school about it + i have done since i was 11, people call me **** nose, big nose + tell me to 'keep my nose out of it'. Even my friend's slag me off behind my back calling me 'kebab nose' ect. Just normal people in public always notice it, iu hate turning my head to the side as people may see the large bump in it.

Keelie Keelie
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Okay, so you may have a slightly larger nose but that doesn't make you totally unattractive,mam. Lots of us have stuff about us we don't like but you are still a decent person on the inside and that is what counts.Look at me! I HAD AT LEAST A FEW ZITS ON MY FACE THAT MADE ME A TARGET for bullies

mail me your name +il add you on fb<br />
ep is like my private life +fb social the other side to me

Hey Keelie im dave - theres soo much i want to ask you,, do you talk about it with ur friends or family? im not able too no matter how much i want too its embarrassing, plus they wont understand, i know most people dont care as confidence is most important but its always stillt here sadness in me cuz i would be such a normal good looki guy if it wasnt for my nose, i often think what could of been, i wish i knew how to deal with it- i know u wont believe this but i never talked to anyone about this, i wish ic ould do this more often,, i think ur prety as hell too ur eyes, nose, mouth everything is cute - im not sure how often u come on here u posted on blog before but that was awhile ago i dont check this to often but if u ever ge this u should facebook me so we can talk - let me know - dave

i wrote this quite a while ago<br />
my friends dont take the mick out of me anymore<br />
but some of the lads do<br />
ive had to learn to accept it im 14 now but i dont know whether to have a nose job or not :/<br />
ive been considering it<br />
i wouldnt kill myself but at times i have felt like it<br />
ive recovered from it :D<br />
dont care what other people think<br />
everyone has something wrong with them<br />
stay strong (yn)

I feel exactly like you,<br />
My friends dont make fun of me, but other guys do that.<br />
And I'm 15 and I have ever kisses a boy,<br />
sometimes I feel really ugly n I just wanna dissappear :(

:|<br />
i dont seem to remember ya? :S

haha very funny keelie,<br />
you know me,<br />
dont you? :/ :/ :/<br />
im the one with the big chin???

haha very funny keelie,<br />
you know me,<br />
dont you? :/ :/ :/<br />
im the one with the big chin???

yeahh i have wanted a nose job for a while :/<br />
im not so sure about it tbh now <br />
+ luceee urm yeah cheers but wtf


if the people u so call friends do that behind your back then they r not real friend, not everyone is perfect and sometimes we think things are worst than they really are, i dont mean to upset u or cheer u up but face it a lot of people go for the looks first (specially when they r teens) but when it comes to serious relationships and finding real friends they dont look how much of a top model we look like, i have a big nose too and most of the people r nice about it apart from my relatives that suggest i go to one of those countries where u can get a nose job for like £1000. its crule and it makes me dread my holidays when i go and see them, but i have come in a country than none gives a toss how anyone looks and i have amaizing friends that try to see my positive things (which i have to add are not a lot ;) )<br />
<br />
try not to let anyone put you down. ;)*