Blight of My Life.

I am a female with large nose.  I am now in my early forties.  When I was younger I went to doc about it and various other people.  They told me it was just a "teen" thing and when I got more confident it wouldnt trouble me.  I was bullied at school cos of it.  Couldnt form proper social relationships.  Ended up with crippling shyness and social phobia.  Developed a drink problem.  Suffered severe depresive illness. I suppose I could be using my big nose as a scape goat. Maybe I am but just incase I am not,  I would urge any younger member who might have an issue with their nose to seek profesional help and dont be fobbed off like me.  I sincerely wouldnt want anyone else to suffer the way I have.  I am not feeling sorry for myself, only trying to help.

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hey i feel ur pain,, im Male in my late 20s an i never really deelpope social confindence and self esteam i hate my nose,,, i dont know how to talk to people about it,, its all i think about,, what to do what to do,,,

We both picked the cat for our pic and both feel our noses are the blight of our life. I also feel I could not form social connections because of it. I feel like I am laughable. I can never forget people are probable always amazed at how large, long and hooked it is.

I've noticed girls are more closed-minded about having a rarer bigger nose than guys, most guys can get away with a big nose, just because they are a guy. Yet a girl, like you, is so much more focused on image and makes them feel how they think they look. You can live with a big nose as long as you can reconize/deal with it The ones that manage to move on with it are able to feel that they are not unusual, or realize that their nose is going to affect them negatively(career wise) and push them towards a higher need for success to cover for any flaw they have. The sooner you get over your nose, the sooner you are able to get to center and focus on what you want for yourself, success in life, or you can unnaturally alter yourself, to make yourself look like you want to look, and hope that it solves all the problems that having a big nose has caused throughout a good portion of your life at the time i.e. missed opportunities, lower socialbility, and feeling of pure despair for your future based on your current point. Anyone can have a problem with image, big or small, so surgery will almost make anyone feel better about their personal(not overall) image creating more confidence in certain parts of their life that WILL be short lived. And you will find that you still can't do the things you need to do, even with a nose you feel comfortable with, i.e. social situations and trying to put yourself in a high realm of higher relation/communication with people that you avoided becoming proficient in because before you were too shy to do. The choice is yours, it all depends on what type of experience you want in life, people with big noses can see their nose as a impeadment to their success or not get negative about it, and live their life fully with people/themselves understanding that they are purely committed to exsisting how they were made and pushing themselfs to a high level of success and happiness, regardless of what they have to work with. The Fullest. <br />
BTW I am a recently 18 male with a unusually large nose, but after much thought and experiencing, I have learned that all I can do to better my developing future, is to try to push my drive higher and higher towards refining myself into what I need for this trip of trying to become something in life. I tell myself that, success becomes blind if you are blind to your personal feelings of hinderance and all the psuedo-thoughts about what you think others think about you. Living life with no self imposed limit is the way I feel I need to live. Regardless of how my life has delt out. <br />
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Hope I can help someone see what I feel about my big nose.