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I am a 28 year old guy.  I have been told that I have a "big nose" my whole life, which I do.  It all started when I was in the 7th grade.  I was a poor kid going to a private school with not a whole lot of friends.  I played sports and was good at them but I hung around the "dorks" at school.  They were nice to me and didn't make fun of my clothes or my nose.  One day I was asked by one of the "cool" kids at school to go over to his house after school.  My first thought was heck yeah, this will be fun.  I get to hang with a fellow jock, he was socially accepted by the kids at school especially the chicks, and it was always fun to ride on a different bus with a friend.  I thought to myself,  I was on my way to being "cool" and getting a date to the dance.  Was I wrong!  Not more than 5 minutes on this bus ride from hell one of the popular girls looks at me and says, "What are you doing here?!"  I reply, "I'm going to so and so's for the day."  No response from popular girl, rather she just looks at her friend and both of them start looking and laughing at me.  Being a shy, not popular guy, this was not ok, my face turned beet red and felt this impending doom.  My buddy was no where to be found to stick up for me.  He was off talking with someone else.  Once the girls stopped laughing, the popular girl stood up and shouted, "Will someone please say something about Joe's nose."  Popular girl number 2 says, "Yeah look at it!  It's HUGE!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL"  Thats all it took, everyone on that bus either stared, laughed, teased, taunted, chanted, or didn't want to talk to me.  My friend didn't do anything about it, didn't stick up for me, didn't say "I don't think you have a big nose."  a big fat nothing from my friend, I just sat there and took it.  My world was pretty much over after that, I felt so alone.  The hazing carried on until we got to my friends house. I kept back the tears cause I didn't want to seem weak in front of the cool guy.  When my mom and dad picked me up thats when I lost it and balled and balled and balled. Pretty sure I cried the whole way home. Any friends I thought I had were gone, didn't show up to the dance for fear I would get laughed at, any chance at all to be accepted by the cool crowd and the chicks were gone, it was back to my two or three nerdy friends.  


I finally accepted the fact that I had a big nose and there was nothing I could do to make it different around the age of 20.  I wasn't going to let anyone bring me down about how I looked anymore.  I matured and started believeing in myself.  I got self esteem and before you know it, I had personality, confidence, and I was getting dates.  Once you accept that you have a big nose and can laugh it off or not let it bring you down I believe that your life can change for the better!!!   

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That was a fantastic story about perseverance. Those kids sucked. No way around it you were bullied and or something you had no control over. Can say you made it farther than any of them ever will. Because you started out as a great guy and still are

Hey, good for you. With my personality I don't think I could have ever bounced back as you did. I applaud your courage and determination.

Nice cunny! That's what it's like being black...

Im African American with a big nose and i dont get picked on as much as you do. All you have to do; is do you. **** all them ************* ******** that talk about your nose. You need to standup for your self and have pride.


I'm in 7th grade and I was searching on the internet if anybody else has been in my place, having a big nose. <br />
<br />
I'm pretty average at my school, but almost everybody says I have a big nose. Actalluy, this one kid names Ryan S. always calls me "bid shnoz" that I cut myself. Twice. I also have my real friends, they accept me for me, an I'm very lucky to have them. A lot of my "ex friends" used to call me big shnoz too. Thanks Ryan. And there is another kid in my school, will, that calls me turnupnose. And *****, I don't want to go back to cutting myself. I want to keep my<br />
Long hair, so it will make my nose look smaller. I am from Maryland, but my parents are from the middle east. My mom had plastic surgery on her nose, Thats where I get it. I haven't told her about my cuts, because people still call me big nose and junk. There isnt a day I look at all the people in my middle shool and wish I had a nose like theirs. I don't say anything to the bullys, or the teachers, because I think it's just humiliating.

Me , I like big

Good for you, and your big nose!

Nothing wrong with big noses. Maybe it will help you to smell fake people quickly before they get a chance to approach you. If that isn't a blessing, I don't know what is. In all seriousness, I'm happy to hear that you got over whatever anxiety you had about your nose. I also have some anxiety about my nose too because it is large and points to the right...but I've come to terms and actually, I kind of like my nose! It has its good angles. Thank you for your story!

I hear that a big nose also means a big ... You know what!

Hey...all of the boyfriends that I had, had a big nose and I still liked them and my husband has a HUGE nose.

Big noses are sexy XD Of course as long as it dont look dirty and full of pimples or whatever. So as long as you are hygienic is not bad to have a big nose.<br />

Your story inspires me and I know exactly how you feel! I just need to start being more confident and except the way I am, because not everyone's person. Everyone has atleast one flaw that they try to hide.

the girl that started on your nose for no reason other than to get a stupid immature kick out of it on the bus was a complete and utter cow, 7th grade or not that is completely unnacceptable behaviour, what gave her the right to think she was better than you because her nose wasnt a little bit large?, i guarantee you that same girl right now is struggling through life, always the case, you know what i say to people like that?... "KARMA IS A *****!", sorry for the swearing but stories like that make me angry. Be proud my man of your nose, confidence will always show your personality and people wont even notice nor care, not only that most mature people wouldnt even consider to make fun of someones nose.

Awww I'm glad you love yourself and your nose now. Personally the size of the nose does not bother me at all. As long as the nose is not extremely bizzar looking (like it has 3 nostrils) then it doesn't really change a persons physical appeal.

Looking back at my history I notice I am attracted to guys with bigger noses. Its good to hear that you have accepted yours.

I was in 7th grade when this girl told me I have a gonzo nose. But, now I am 29, and that is ok, because she ended up a gutter ***** and I am married with a child. Ha. The moral of the story is: I love my gonzo nose. =u)

I'm sorry you got tortured in High School like that.

i'm a big nose xD yea sure a lot of girls find me sexy it's the symbol of verility^^

u know the whole thing with having a big nose is that, it might not look very attractive at the first sight,first time. therefore, u may use time to show off the rest of the package such as personnality. U got to bee patient and send out positive signals out of you. Because a person 's nose consciousness can b visible in the first 5 minutes, and it attracts a lot jerky jokes...

Big noses are totally sexy. You should def. be PROUD of it!

Yes they areeee!!

People are so.... ugh. I like things like a different looking nose. I think it gives someone character, which despite sounding like something someone's mom would say, I actually believe. I always liked people who looked a little different but dated perfect looking guys because I liked the feeling of other girls envy and it was kind of an ego boost. But most of those guys were egoists and jerks in one way or the other- but hey I made my bed and got to lay in it. <br />
Hey you know what they say- big nose big... :D I'm sorry, you probably are sick of that joke

ah, i have a big nose myself, but thinking of that for women the situation is way worse coz men might look powerful with big noses, what i always knew is if i acted very confident no one would be pointing at me(or my nose)! So until i was 12 or 13 i was kinda rejected by people, but i started changing my attitude so much that in the age of 15 i became so popular specially with guys in my school that everybody knew me, and still knows me and recognizes and talks to me on the street nowadays(now im 20). <br />
I think u shud never let anyone joke about you, our noses are unique!<br />
1Up for big nosed ppl :D

Yeah man, I use mine for authority now! In the world of dog eat dog when push comes to shove you have to look as big as possible, and having a big shnoz helps!<br />
<br />
and when it comes to girls the individual 2 above me is right. Girls see your physical features, but they FEEL how YOU FEEL about them. If you emit confidence or express confidence, REAL confidence, about yourself or certain parts of your body, that's what they FEEL. So if you're okay with a big nose, and she's okay with a big nose, ATTITUDE about it makes it a nose with positive feelings attributed towards it; you can never have too much genuine, positive feelings.

Well, I like to think that I have grown into my nose. It "leads" the charge in any situation! Perhaps it can for you too.

I think it's got a lot to do with the way you carry yourself, your confidence and personality , Women also like a funny guy, I'd just use it to my advantage and just be the nicest guy,cleanest,well dressed guy around women will take notice, and men will respect you for the way you handle yourself.

good for you. and i know people who actually are attracted to big noses believe it or not. my mom is "in love" with a man with a big nose, seriously. but to me i just don't care. it's only a nose, and looks really aren't that important honestly.