I Am More Than The Sum Of My Parts

My story directly mirrors that of many of the posters.  I, too, was ridiculed from the time I was a teenager for my larger than normal proboscus.  I was further cursed by the fact that, when I was 9, I got into an argument with a jungle gym and broke my nose.  In the interim, I cannot count the number of times unfeeling and heartless individuals have "commented" on my less-than-favorable profile.  It has always been a source of considerable angst for me.

stevewright1972 stevewright1972
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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

I'd rather see a man with a "strong nose" than a girly looking nose. Lots of men have strong noses and they look good on them. People will always comment on an outstanding feature we have. It's just their nature. Be proud of your strong nose, my father use to say "All great men have one thing in common, a great nose"! He too had a great nose that changed course about halfway down from a childhood injury!