So as i am a part of this group you can safely assume i have a big nose! Its much bigger than that in the picture for this group and seems to engulf my whole face. Until i began Secondary school at age 11 (in UK) i'd never been bullied, or if i was i always knew how to handle myself. But as soon as i entered that school over a matter of months my so-called 'friends' deserted me. I was left to fend for myself and having practically zero friends at that age, on the brink of puberty i was a prime target for bullies.

Every single day this particularly horrible girl would find something new to do to wind me up. One day she sat behind me in maths and pretended to cut my hair whispering in my ear i better not tell the teacher or it'd get much worse. Another she'd stick bits of paper to my back or put glue all over my school uniform. Then as i developed so did my nose and it didn't go un-noticed. Next thing it was 'Oi Nosey' and bir noises as i walked down the corridors. It didn't help that i had wonky teeth and often went really red.

Eventually, 2 years later i had enough. My only friend moved to america so i moved schools but it didn't end. Every day on the bus home they were still there teasing me.

Whilst that died down after a little  i went on one of my first dates with a guy i went to primary school with. It didn't go well and his friends proceeded to phone me up and shout 'Beaky' down the phone. Then at college after a particular bad break up my ex boyfriends best mate would phone me up and call me a slag (even tho i wasn't!) and say how his mate was lucky to be rid of a freak like me. A new college bully got my phone number and also proceeded to make bird noises down the phone and leave hateful voicemail messages.

I somehow managed (after another horrible abusive relationship) to pick myself up and get the grades to go to uni. The comments seemed to die down and i built up more confidence with my new friends until i caught one of them laughing when we went swimming. It was something about how when i swam on my back i looked like jaws - friendly huh!  I still managed to get boyfriends  which has never been what my issue with my nose has been about. Its rare that a boy has mentioned anything about my nose and i have been told i'm a good looking girl. I just don't believe it!

 (to be continued - my computer keeps crashing...and its 1:38 am!)

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Having a big nose virtually ruined my life. Everytime I looked in the mirror I hated myself, it was HUGE. It was too much out of proportion to the rest of my face. I couldn't wait for the day when I could afford rhinoplasty, and had it done a few years ago. It has made such a difference. I feel so much prettier and more confident than I have ever been in my entire life. It isn't the perfect nose that I was hoping for, but having it downsized makes my face look that much more normal than before.

i have also been called pretty but i don't believe everyone as they also comment on my big nose.For this i have been crying for two days and no one gives a damn! sometimes i really do feel pretty but everyone's sudden comments hurt so its the best thing to ignore.

Just ignore the losers. Just remember that the people teasing you are often the ones with the biggest insecurity issues.

Hey Sj87 im sorry that people can say those horrible things to you, i grew up to with a big nose, often times id get made fun of in middle school and i would over hear many comments over the years,, each time i heard one i felt like gettin hit by a bus, i work on it today an try to see myself for my good qualitites but i feel like the ugly duckling,,, im gald though u managed to go on to college i wish the best for you

Ah, im big nosed girl too i know it can be hard, the only reason i was never bullied is because i always acted very proudly and confident, i could even be violent sometimes if needed but this is like life is, <br />
never never never let anybody let you down because of your nose, btw big noses are beautiful and powerful!! I never received a no from man i asked out, i'm dating for over an year and still men desire to date e and ask e out.

Hi,i just wanted to tell u never lose confidence in urself, yea,i know that humiliation feels really bad(believe it or not,but my parents laugh at me because of my nose too although its not big,just is lost some weight), sometimes people look different,but there is no shame in being different,yea u might have a big nose,but thats how god created u,everyone is here for a reason,and u must be great at something,maybe u have a great sense of humor,or u r a good artist, as an example i dont look so charming,but i am really clever and i have a really good sense of humor,it might take u some time,but in the end u will find someone who really likes u for who u r not what u look like,hope i helped even a little bit and if u want to talk at any time i really love having new friends ^^ , my e-mail is