"look At That Kid With The Big Bird Nose"

this is truely the first time in my life by writing this ive let my emotion out of my insecurity of my big nose,,,, i was in late elementry school n early middle school when i first started gettin teased about my nose,, i never even knew until like 6th grade i remember video tapin myself from all angels and watchin the video and i sat there in horror and cried my eyes out, im in my late 20's and i feel like if i never had a big nose i might of been a doctor or pilot,, i feel like i got cheated out of life and never got a fair shot,, woman cant stand to look at me and i cant discuss how i feel with even what left of my family members,, i rezent my mother bcuz she is who i got it from geneticly but its not really her fault,,,, i often get depressed and miss out on the fruits of life just because i was born with a big nose,, why me???  why cant i talk to any of my friends about it and fix it,,,, in holly wood peopld do it all the time but in a small town everyone talks,,, i hate myself soo much,, can someone help me?

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i like trains

Wow its been a very long time since ive written this,, can honestly say ive come along way fro this place an becasue of thisplace i might ad,, after reading many stories like mine ive defitily been makin more sense out of life an whats important, an honestly once i did that things starting turning for the position social life wise,, head up strong, with tons an tons of speeds bumps and wanting to give up along everyday life, we perceive whats we look like as a status to others,, so i though,,, perceive urself how u want to be perceived and others will follow,, i still fear im years behind but i try to push forward, learning more daily yet another day goes by we age,,

Hey bro, just joined and saw this page.. You're not at all alone man. I have a big nose as well, and even though I am otherwise a good-looking guy, I have always felt my nose holding me back. My brother has many of the same features as I do, but his nose is much more in proportion to his face, and girls are always all over him. I've always noticed this, and thought about how my life would be different had I been born without the hump on my nose- and I know exactly what you mean when you talk about the potential awkwardness of talking to, well, pretty much anyone you know about it. It's good to know there's a place to let it out lol. Hang in there, buddy.

I'm always here to talk to, my nose can make me feel like bsolute crap at times but if you can't love yourself no one can, people will find anything to pick on people for, make the most out of like and don't let the b*stards hold you back your the better person.

Went out on a date last nite, dont think she could stand the sgiht of me :(

Hey Keelie first off thank u so much for sharing that with me, thats seriously the first time someone could relate with me, an i think u look fine just the way you are by the way, yup so thats the jist of it still get sad about it once in awhile sometimes i see if there anyone out there who feels the same, i dont know what lifes road goin to take me next,, everyday's me fightin extra harder than everyone else n still gettin nowhere, i cant actually believe i can talk about my nose to someone ive never been able to do this, i iwsh i could do this more often maybe id wouldnt fear it so much my hearts beatin right now just typin this with a sense of peaceful relief , thanks keelie :)

I have a big nose, I understand exactly what you feel. Someone told me they didn't like me the day before yesterday because I had a massive nose. It emotionally affects me. I feel it holds me back in life, I would also like a nose job but everyone has there insecurities and i'd still find something to be upset about if I had a nose job. Only the shallow people see the bad points, don't let them win and hold you back or else is your life really worth living if you can only see yourself like that?

Hi stillwater187<br />
sympathies you are unhappy but it seems to me that there is a logical error in your situation. Your nose is not the problem as you rightly point out in Holywood you could get plastic surgery and nobody would care. Of course you could also get your nose reduced where you live but you are sensitive to people talking. So your problem IMHO is not your nose but the fact you live in a small town and or you are too sensitive to what other people think if you had a nose job. Also maybe if you are so worried about what people think then maybe that is why you are worried about the size of your nose at all. IMHO you probably have a nose that is within the normal range of size. <br />
I suggest work with people with disabilities and get a sense of perspective. Hope this helps. <br />
Best wishes.<br />