Little Nik Is A Big Problem

Hey its Nik here. Just to explain from my last story of why I cant have sex on a regular basis. I have a huge penis

From working out all the time one of my former girlfriends said that if you lift weights too much your penis will get smaller. Yea right. So she told me to do these penis exercises that really makes your penis a lot longer and plenty thicker.

I never noticed my penis growth til I first started having sex around 17. Then it was probably around 8 inches and very thick. And now its literally 13 inches and really thick. I noticed when I started having sex and I couldn't fit at all. I'd push and push and it wouldn't give. And even when it did fit, it would cause too much pain for her to be any pleasure.

That's why now I have no girlfriend because all my other girlfriends have broken up with me because my penis is way to big to have sex with. Its pretty much a downer because its almost nearly impossible to be in a relationship and not have sex at all. And once it happens it lasts for a good 5 minutes before my partner is writhing in pain and telling me to stop.

Its not that I actually want to fit completely, just to be in a good relationship so someone won't break up with me because of my size.
slicknik712 slicknik712
22-25, M
2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Wow, my wife would love to see that tool. Add me please.

My girlfriend and I barely have sex due to the fact that I can't fit, it is too long and it tears her *****, but she is still in love with me and I am in love with her, but how much longer can we last like this, I feel your pain.