No Big Deal

I know that I really don't have that big of a ****. Everybody here seems to have a ridiculously huge **** though. I don't think I believe half of these people. But I have a **** that is just about 8 inches. It is pretty thick though. Even though that's not that big, it really gets in the way. I am a college wrestler and no matter what I do, somehow I always get some sort of attention for it. Either people will notice during my matches, or definitely in the showers. It's kind of an embarrassing issue. And I really wish it was smaller
Codyconway Codyconway
18-21, M
3 Responses Dec 14, 2012

8 is a wonderful size. ;) don't wish for less. Be happy with what you have.

Mine is 10 1/2" pretty thick too. I broke up with my gf because she said I would hurt her sexually. Is it possible that being too big is bad?

Dude, when I was a member of the swim team in high school, I used to get a lot of attention for the size of my ****, I frequently go to the gym and used the public showers, people always comment but there is nothing wrong with having a larger ****, in fact you are blessed, my friends always make jokes about my **** and I just laugh with them, believe me no one is trying to offended you they are just admiring you, so don't be embarrassed, be proud.