One Of Each

There was a book series called "Wicked Willie," popular in the UK. It was a cartoon / philosophical comic take on the attitudes and attributes of a penis, Willy.

His female counterpart was ***** Pie. He showed her a picture of a **** and said, "Bet you wish you had one of these." And she showed him a picture of a ***** and said, "No, because with one of these, I can get as many of those as I want."

So in that way, I have more penises than most men do or will. ;) As for circumcised or uncircumcised, I have two husbands, and thus I have one of each. Both are fun, and both have very different sensitivities. I like playing with both.
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jeremfg, as long as diversity doesn't get you killed, hurt, arrested, etc.!

jeremfg, because diversity also requires risk. :)

not at all, jeremfg. i'm just saying that all things require some level of risk, simply because they are unknowns. they gamble/risk may pay off very well (like immigration, for the most part) with greater diversity in terms of skills, culture, productivity, etc. but it could also mean you admit spies and un-able people ... perhaps not likely, but still a risk. that the benefit outweighs the risk is important.

jeremfg, we are writing on the same side of the argument -- i'm saying what you are saying. perhaps it's time to go to bed! :)

jeremfg, are you threatening me?? ;)

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ray, the circumsized partner was also partially cut; so neither require lotion to jerk off. i find it more spontaneous, and i personally love foreskins. :)

jagandvstan, they both complain i need more than they can give. it's a common problem lol.

Wow... you must be a very attentive wife to be able to keep both happy. Way to go!!

chantellette, hopefully that's not a question really -- they should all "will y" lol

Its never a question with you in mind xoxoxo

very sweet of you, chantellette!

Will y or will y not thats the question

outcast, i wonder what "rubbish you wrote" you do believe? i don't believe any of it. ;)

grant39, i'm pretty lucky too. :)

manntree, interesting and sometimes irritating - in more than one way!

gliding, it is, if you just consider the physical form of the penis. ;)

two husband's?.. wow, sounds interesting.. heh

sunguy, i miss willy! in fact, i speak to ***** -- they are funny without knowing it! ;)

oldgriz, foreskin is fun, but even cut **** has a bit of skin to play with, sometimes. and i try not to hold it against them -- it's not like they had a choice when it came down to the chop.

Hi there Aurora, Wow! Up to 918 stories.

You are so diplomatic. I like ***** best, uncut **** is a close second, *** third and normal cut American **** fourth.

My tongue simply adores playing with foreskin.

toolie, more than willies, ******* are determined. :)

***** rules! Unfortunately, I have to chase them.

cowgirlfan, my ***** seems to have her own ideas ... as bad as some men's penises lol.

She is more my type where wicked willie would be more your type (lol), but one thing you can say... she wasn't just right... she was dead on target in this matter.
Hope all is well with you.

cowgirlfan, ***** pie was not as fun as wicked willie, but she was more right. ;)

uncuthappy, one prefers some things, the other prefers others. a buffet is sometimes more satisfying than a single meal. ;)

***** Pie has an excellent point... one that can't be argued with. My money's on her.

attic3, it's a nice life. :)