I Am Bipoler

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moll moll
26-30, F
2 Responses May 16, 2007

I suffer mildly from a bipolar disorder. This means I have up and downs. I have life and soul times and I have **** times but most of the time I'm 'normal'<br />
<br />
I hate being down, I really do. I think about suicide as a release but the thought of losing my family keeps me here.<br />
I dislike being up as well because I know that the down is going to follow.<br />
<br />

That's exacatly how I feel sometims. My mom has biploar, I have it and I fear my son has it. So far they say he has ADHD which I also have. My eldest son doesn't except our illnesses which hurts alot and makes things so much harder. Sometimes I feel like a failure and giving up but I keep trying. I'm so glad this site is hear. Another reason to keep going. Everyone here is so great. You ever wanna talk give me a buzz. Nothin' but love!