My Parrot

 I have an African grey parrot, he is 15 years old. I got him from a lady 17 months ago. He was left in his cage for 2 years without any interaction with people. It took me about 8 months to win his confidence to trust me. He is now my lovely sweet bird. It is through my patience and love that has got him to trust me. In the begining he would attack me a lot and now when he wants to bite me, I say to him it is not nice to bite his mum, then he does not bite me.         He was so over weight and now he is back to his right weight. He loves to whistle and talk all day long now, and likes to imitate other birds he hears in our garden. I can not believe that he was a scared little bird when I got him to what he is today. I,m just very very happy I could change his life for the better. I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH.
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2 Responses May 2, 2011

Thank you for your care. I wish you could see him now. he has really become a wonderful sweet bird.

thank you for saying so