Our Feathered Family

Earlier this year I had been very down and depressed. On June 25th 2011 I remember just getting out of the shower when my fiance comes in and said he found a bird outside in the back yard. We live in Arizona and this was the middle of the summer so it was over 100 out that day. I still had my towel wrapped around me when I ran outside to see. I always have had a soft spot for animals. He was a normal grey cockatiel. He looked so hot and thirsty. I brought him some water and managed to get him to step up on my finger. I was not sure what to do with him. His wings were not clipped and he had full flight, though he was too worn out and overheated to go anywhere at the time. I put him in the bathroom and ran over to PetsMart and got him a cage and some food. As soon as I saw him I felt the darkness lift off and I was excited and happy for the first time in a while.

We looked online but could not find his owner. We decided we would take him in and care for him. We named him Lucky due to the circumstances. I also felt lucky that he came into my life when he did as he brought me joy.

He has been such a joy. He will fly to you and sit on your shoulder (or sometimes your head) and loves to sing. He loves his head to be rubbed and kisses.

Since that time we have got 4 other cockatiels (two charcoal and a pied) as well as two black-masked blue lovebirds and two conues (green cheek and pineapple). 

Our dearest Lucky has been very sick recently and we have been unable to afford the vet. He has been very weak, sleepy, fluffed up, and breathing heavily. He was thankfully still eating and drinking. We put him in his own room with the air vent off and a humidifier and got him some antibiotics from the pet store (Ornacycline Tetracycline for Birds). After about 5 days now he is turning around and regaining strength. We are so happy our special friend appears to be getting better. It would break my heart to lose him. I would break into tears every time I saw him but I feel now he will make a full recovery.

Katie, another of our cockatiels, had some kind of eye problem. We did not know if it was infected or just injured. It was swollen shut and red. After cleaning it each day we are glad to say her eye is back to normal.

On a more cheerful note, I made a shower perch from a plunger and Jules (my green cheek) loves to shower with me. She puts her head up and closes her eyes and enjoys the mist. Then I get to cuddle her in a towel to keep her warm as she dries. I also made her a harness (she is clipped but for safety) and I take her out for walks to the park. She is definitely the most cuddly of the birds. She loves to be petted all over and even lifts up her wings so I can rub underneath them. She will burrow under my neck to go to sleep if I am laying in bed and makes a cute little noise if I leave her sight.

I love my birdies. Sweet little bundles of life.
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3 Responses Oct 24, 2011

yep, birds really are lifting and spirited animals. congrats on the gccs, i have one and she rocks!also, those grey cockatiels are pretty cool!

Wow you help the bird out even if the bird was seriouly ill. I had never heard a defenseless bird being save by someone like you. I'm glad lucky made it alive that bird is lucky :D

Birds really are sweet little bundles of life. I think they're angels in disguise (hence the wings) I'm glad your bird came into your life when he did. Just like a guardian angel