Rainbow Lorikeet

I wouldn't exactly say that he is my pet. He is free to come and go as he pleases, but I have put up a nesting box outside my bedroom window (which is upstairs, so he is safe from my cats) for him and put a bowl of food (mixed bird seed, sunflower seeds and fruit) and a bowl of water on top of the nesting box for him. So he pretty much hangs out there all day with his little girlfriend.

He came to my window about a year ago. He was obviously someones pet that escaped. He is a real friendly little chap, he would fly in my window and sit on my shoulder at first (and poop all over my bed). He also used to say "Wassup, wassup" but he doesn't anymore. Rainbow lorikeets are native to my area, so the more he mixes with the other birds, the less domesticated he is becoming.

When he first started visiting me, the weather was warm but starting to get cold as winter was coming. At first I would feed him on my window sil, and he would visit every day. I would leave my window open at night so if he needed a warm place to stay, he could stay with me but then he got himself a little girlfriend, who was wild and although they would both come to my window and feed, she was a bit scared of me at first so every time she saw me she would fly away. She got used to me after a while though, she still wouldn't fly into my room like he did.

Anyways, winter was coming and he obviously wanted to stay with his little girlfriend, who wouldn't come in my room so I put a nesting box outside my window for them. I showed him the nesting box and he got so excited, he kept giving me little kisses and was screeching a lot, you could tell that he was really happy. I am assuming that maybe he was born in a nesting box, or lived in one when he was someones pet because he recognized it and got really excited. I watched him show it to his little girlfriend and at first she wouldn't go inside but eventually she did. They both hang out in there all day now. I don't think they sleep in there at night, but at least it is there for them if they need it.

Anyway, it has been about a year since he has been hanging around and he is slowly becoming less domesticated and more wild. He doesn't say "wassup" anymore, but still will come to my window and want to say hello, sit on my arm and stuff. Unfortunately he has mites now, so every time he does sit on my arm I get bitten by them. I don't really know what to do about it, because he is becoming wild, there isn't really much point in treating him because he will just get them again. Also, I used to feed him every day but now I only feed him every second day because I want him to learn how to find his own food. I am renting and I wont be living here forever so I am hoping that he becomes independent before I do leave. I was really worried about him surviving in the wild at first, but he seems to be doing okay. He still relies on me a bit but not as much as he used to. He is a gorgeous little bird and I am happy to have him around.
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I used to have 2 cockatiels one Herchel was a real character and I kinda felt like a little friend also.... we thought he was a male due to his bright colours until one day "he" was perched on my hand (as it was perched on the mouse) and an egg rolled out.... LOL...<br />
"He" was a good little bird at one point (for a few months) he would actually clip my nails (toes and fingers) with his beak and as he did so to would totally send shivers up your spine.... and when he was done be would play with the crescent shaped cutting in his beak....he used to to a reasonable job, besides the fact that the edge would be jagged (to say the least) but he eventually got lazy and began to peck too close and then not at all...it was funny......<br />
when we had our first child we gave him to my mother in law to look after and a few years later he died.... of loneliness probably...<br />
I wouldn't have another bird..... a birds life is on the wing....

That's crazy that an egg just rolled out. I would have freaked out. I think my little bird and his little girlfriend might end up having babies soon. I am hoping that they use the nesting box near my window.

You should get a nesting box that suctions to your window. Then you can see them inside :)