Cutest Budgies Alive

I have 3 beautiful budgerigars named Jem, Atticus and Bella.
I have had Jem for 8 years, since I was ten, and he's a deep blue with a white head and black patterns on his wings. SUCH a beautiful thing. I have had 3 other birds die over the course of his life, the poor old thing.
He is a trooper (:
Bella is yellow and extremely aggressive. I couldn't hand tame her like I hand tamed all my other birds. She always bites me so hard I bleed, and pecks at my other birdies. They just sigh and move away from her ^.^
Atticus is a baby, he's 4 months old :D He's baby blue and white.
And the minute I brought him home, Jem raced over to him and started preening his feathers for him, and ever since, they have been INSEPARABLE. It's incredible. They are best friends. They nibble at each other and play together and eat together, bathe together. Jem also talks (Not English, just a very fast-paced budgie babble full of high pitched and squawky sounds), and has started teaching the baby to talk as well.
They are so delightful to be around. I hang them out in the sun every morning and they just don't shut up, chattering away to the wild birds. They are so happy.
I take them out of the cage to fly around in a netted area of my yard every day, as well.
Man I love birds.
Rant over! hahaha.

Fink91 Fink91
18-21, F
Jun 16, 2012