My Hearing Bird

I have a beautiful cockatiel who is 9 yrs old. I brought her as a birthday gift for my daughter when the bird was just a mere baby.  At first when we got Roger, we were told it was a male bird but about 3 years later Roger  laid eggs about 3 times we found that Roger was a female but we never changed her name.

Roger is very special to me because I'm deaf in one ear and partial in the other.  Whenever my telephone rings she chirps loud until we answer the telephone. If my doorbell rings or if someone in hall near my door she will rattle her cage and chirps very loud until we let the person in.  Whenever we go out and/or come home from work we have to go over to talk to her for a few minutes otherwise she will not acknowledge you later on. When guests comes to visit and she recognize the voice she will continue to chrip until you come over to say hello if not  her she gets very upset and turns her back on you to let you know that she's a family member too sometimes, Roger thinks she human. 

She also loves popcorn and potato chips and any other type of junk foods including fresh fruits.  She enjoys sitting in her cage looking out the window communcating with the other birds that are outside.  Many people stop and listen to the happy chirping and comment "Just Listen to that beautiful bird".   Another thing my bird loves to do is listen to music from the radio and watch television she is very fond of music video and when a certain tune comes on that she likes she'll chirp along with it.  When its time for bed she wants her cage completely covered and all lights off if the lights are not turned off she will scream on the top of her bird lungs to let you know that the lights bother her.  She's indeed a very special bird to us.

We have a new addition to our family my daughter had a baby boy back in Feburary 2010.  Whenever the baby cries, Roger perks up and chrips softly which seem to calm the baby down and he stops crying. Its like Roger has motherly love towards babies and young children she never cease to amaze me with her daily antic especially when I'm down or depress she know just how to make you feel loved.  

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