Yep We Have One

We have a cocktail names Missy.  She is the most aggravating thing!  I love animals but she drives me crazy sometimes.  Every time I get on the phone she decides to sing at the top of her lungs!!  Oh yes, Pretty Bird is her favorite saying and if my hubby takes off his shirt she goes wild whistling and calling him a pretty bird.  LOL  Overall, I enjoy her.  She whistles for the dogs and clicks her tongue to get them to come to her so she can sing and dance for them.  It is so cute!
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4 Responses Nov 21, 2007

I just got a new tiel today. I have had a couple in the past. One that talked, whistled and sung. Loved that bird. He was awesome. He would say Puddin's momma's pretty bird or he would say in a really chirpy high voice pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird then in a low deep scratchy voice he would say ugly bird. Puddin was a grey tiel. Then I had ivory. Ivory wasn't vocal at all but I think that is because I already had Puddin. The only new word puddin learned after I got Ivory was Ivory's name. So this time I think I will stick with only one bird. The new birds name is Nono and I am very excited on learning what all this bird can do and if Nono is a he or a she. Right now it is to young to tell.

my cockatiel is a girl and doesnt talk, she whisles back to me and copies me. i love her, but she is a real spoiled bird. i am her bird and she is with me 24/7 when i am home. she crys when i come home and runs back and forth across the cage, which i then say, back and forth back and forth etc, so she is learning to do that when i say it. she know what want a drink means and i have determined the sound of the sqawock (for the life of me i forgot how to spell that word!)anyway the sound that means drink. She has to eat out of my other hand while i am eating an what i am eating. i can leave her in the cage though with out the screaming when i am at a table eating. i never let her sit at the table with me, so i guess thats why. lol. she actually poops in a dish that i had to leave empty, so i have a toliet trained bird. she is too funny. i love cockatiels. we also have 2 paroletts, one of them is in my avatar picture. her name is peeps. my cockatiel is DJ and the other parolett is skybird. they are in love the 2 paroletts. Skybird is so protective of peeps but she is the wondering one. birds are so great. wish i knew it sooner. oh and dj is a white bird w/a little yellow and peeps is greeen and skybird is a beautiful blue & light blue and white mix. thanks for sharing everybody. if you dont have a bird, some persons dont understand. especially the poop parts. i could care less. just wash your hands and where ever right away. baby wipes to the rescue are in everyone of my place. have a good day!

I have a cocatiel too, she loves my husband. She is very chirpy not too talented. She thinks feathering herself is her way of entertaining us and she loves a good head scratch from me that is the only way she will come close to me to get scratched. Oh, and she will never eat her dinner unless someone is watching her, spoiled little bird. She is 2 yrs old.

now that is the most amazzing bird i have ever hurd of :)