2s A Party 3s A Crowd

I have 3 birthmarks. A starburst shaped blue mongolian on my right butt cheek the size of a nickel, a small fading tan one on the inside of my left wrist that kind of reminds me of Africa, and the largest is a dark brown arrowhead in the center of my chest right below my collar bone, this one is about the size of a half-dollar. When I was in 1st-5th grade the older kids always made fun of me because it was so noticeable but now I think they were just jealous because they didn't have something so unique to them. I cherish my arrow head most of all because no matter what I where you can always see it. It's apart of me and I wouldn't have it any other way.
ArrowheadStarburst ArrowheadStarburst
13-15, F
Nov 29, 2012