People Make Fun

I have a birth mark in between my eyes. People always ask me as a joke, "oh are you Indian". I can't stand it!
killthejill killthejill
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3 Responses Jul 18, 2007

Why not try to turn that around? The mark that the Indian women put between the eyes represents clarity and focus of direction. It is the focus that is possible for each of us to live our lives with. In some forms of meditation, one focuses on that point between the eyes; but you can focus on whatever it is you want. Use that birthmark to focus your life in whatever direction you want to go.

killthejill, i know how you feel. i have a birthmark on my lower cheek. i hated it for the longest time because i was made fun of all throughout elementary school and part of junior high. surprisingly enough, as i grew up, i must have blossomed or something, cause people stopped caring so much about my appearance and i actually started to enjoy my highschool years. but it was defidently a painfull experience. but it does pass with time and maturity. mainly, the people that make fun of you, have to mature over time.

Omfgosh. Wow. what a bunch of rude people. What does that have to do with being an indian anyhow? If those people bothered me they would have a mark on their A S S, but it would not be a birthmark.