March 29th is my birthday, I will turn 25 this year.

I feel old, I know 25 isn't old and I am still young and have a lot of years ahead of me, but it feels like I should have accomplished more by now, I'm not sure why.

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Ahhhhh your the first person with the same birthday as me!!!!!!!

Stay strong!

LOL, I've always thought it weird and I've heard it every "landmark" birthday I've had so far, I anticipate hearing it again too. :p

My birthday lands on a sunday, on saturday night (provided my boss gives it to me) My mom and I are going to dinner and then shopping on sunday, other than that, nothing.<br />
I always found that saying a bit odd, people always use it in reference to "landmark" birthday's 16, 18, 21, 25, 30, etc. but really, you only turn any age once.

Turning 20 was easy for me, I like being in my 20's, it's just now that I've hit the mid 20's I'm thinking about my future and what I want, and then I'm thinking about my past and what I wanted to have done by now, and I've accomplished NONE of it, but on the upside, this year seems to be going my way so far, as long as nothing unexpected pops up and makes me put anything else off I might still make a couple of my goals. *fingers crossed* <br />
And yes it is getting close :)<br />
<br />
Prune juice? lol, mmm, sounds yummy. ;)

Right behind you nakedprey.

Yeah, I keep thinking, I have time I'm only in my 20's and then I realize my 20's are half over and in just a short five years I'll be in my thirties. 30 never seemed old to me till now, and logically I know it's not, but.....it's strange.